Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Alternative Cat Food Ideas

With all the news about the pet food recall, I decided to do some internet research about what the alternatives are. But before making any decisions about what to do or buy, I consulted with Anela and suggested she fetch her own food for there are plentiful opportunities around our home for fresh food she could easily catch herself. After all, she IS a cat who is known to be a predatory, hunting species.

This suggestion to become self-sufficient and independent didn't go over too big with Anela, as she is a spoiled, lazy cat who long ago trained us as her loving, attentive housekeeping staff. So it was back to the computer to search for alternative food, and I discovered a lot which I will share with you today. Here are three links for alternatives:



Read the FAQ on Vegan Cats as this is very informative.

Article on Alternatives to Cat Food

Anela's not a bit worried about the changes. She continues to sleep soundly as us, her loyal staff, worry and shop. And such is life chez Anela.


Luna said...

Last week, I had a problem to comment on your blog , sorry .
It´s good to read about alternative Cat Food. I cook for the cats chicken with Fresh cheese and rice. They love it. Occasionally they get dry food. We have no pet food recalls in Germany.

Suzanne R said...

It is good that Anela has you so well trained. ;-) It's obvious she is the queen of the household. LOL! Fortunately, the cat food I have been feeding my cats wasn't in the recall, which is good because I just got them switched over to it! LOL!

FelineFrisky said...

thanks for the fab links - I am on my way to investigate! D :)

TorAa said...

We buy catfood during the winter, when there is nothing here to hunt. During summer, our two Manx are great hunters. But: Pollock for dinner please. We buy deep-frozen blocks. Some packages have 4 portions; easy to melt to room temperature in warm water. Takes 16 minutes. We set the timer, and on the first beep, guess who's there?
And we have different sorts of dry food + water. Sometimes also "Cat-Milk".

srp said...

Fancy Feast for cats and Pedigree for dogs is not manufactured nor has it ever been manufactured by the Menu foods. So I switched the dog to Pedigree. The cats already preferred Fancy Feast.

You're right. They are now too lazy to catch their own supper.

Celeste said...

MIne catch but dont eat except every once in awhile.

meeyauw said...

Anela is so cool! But given a choice of getting my own supper or being fed by somebody else? I'll pick letting somebody else feed me, too! (Hopefully at a great Italian restaurant!) Go, Anela!

Gattina said...

I just changed old Lisas food to "Senior" and now her fur is like a young girl's one ! (I mean cat girl of course)

Dragonheart said...

I'm very happy that here in Germany, the quality of pet food is very high. I'm fed Almo Nature cat food, which is made with human-quality ingredients. It is not processed at all and consists of 75% organic poultry or sea fish, 24% cooking water and 1% organic rice. That's it! Very healthy and very high-quality.