Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Cats on Tuesday

I have a famous friend in Canada who has dedicated her life to rescuing animals, giving them food, shelter, and eventually homes if she can find them a good one. If she can't place them, she continues feeding them, and some of them are lucky enough to move in with her to her overflowing home menagerie. With the funds donated to her nonprofit foundation, she performs miracles. Her animal stories and adventures enthrall me when she shares them with me as I'm also an ardent, passionate animal lover. Since she has such a kind heart, animals (even wild, crazed) instinctively know this, and they communicate with her in ways she intuitively understands.

When we traveled together many years ago, she would rise before dawn to fetch water for the goats tethered at the main square in Kathmandu, Nepal. And if she saw an animal chained to a fence, we would stop by the roadside, and she would make sure the animal had water. Sometimes she would knock on the door of peasant homes, and communicate through mime about the need of an animal. I observed the respect people had for her, and little children would run away from the skirts of their mommies in Tibet to pay her the tribute of the namaste hand gesture. Little children and animals recognize a great being in their midst.

She and I agree we prefer the company of animals to humans (certainly, not all!) because of their honesty and non-judgmental & unconditional loving nature.

We all have the capacity to understand and communicate with animals, but for some people, it takes practice to learn what an animal is communicating. The really good animal communicators are people I hold in the highest regard--which leads me today to a quote by a famous animal communicator about cats. I share this quote with you because I FEEL this to be truth. I resonate with this precious wisdom from Amelia Kinkade's website--and it's why I allow my cat Anela her freedom to run outside and live it up!

"22) Should cats be allowed to go outside?

If you live in a neighborhood where traffic or coyotes are a danger, you will have to make an educated decision based on the perils of your environment. However, I am a big advocate that cats simply must have grass under their feet, wind in their face, trees to climb, sunshine on their fur, butterflies to investigate, stars to navigate their evening adventures, and moonlight reflected in their eyes. There is not only an energetic interchange between felines and other living things and felines and the chi (life-force) of plants, but there is a magnetic healing effect emanating from the earth itself that maintains a cat’s health. This is no less true of humans. We need to have the earth under our feet to maintain our equilibrium. Living in these toxic wood and concrete oversized shoe-boxes (houses) is doing nothing for our well-being. Of course, I’d prefer to see cats locked in spacious homes if their only alternative is cages at the shelter or worse yet, death row at the pound, but a more perfect world is a world where cats can roam free and act like cats, not doorstops. If you can’t accommodate a yard for your cat, even a balcony with flowers and an herb garden would be much appreciated."


meeyauw said...

I agree so much. After having cats only living in houses, I moved here. I adopted Buddy who only knew an outside life. He grows literally vicious if not allowed his freedom (wouldn't we?). I have had to adjust to the realization that the outdoors cats most likely will die outdoors. But cats have died outdoors for millenia: it is the way life and nature are. To be able to observe their behaviors outside where they are embued with the spirit of Nature is a gift.

I must add that if I lived in a city, and not the woods, I would not allow them out. There are too many cruel and vicious things in a city that are not natural.

Thank you for the quotation.

Suzanne R said...

Very interesting and thought-provoking post. I have coyotes around here and one got my beloved Chester last year, but I feel he died as he had lived, with the freedom to go in or out of the house as he desired. Keeping him in resulted in the most annoying yowling, which could go on for hours! I keep Silver inside because when he has gone outside, he has become injured, probably because of his hyperactive nature. Presently all 3 cats are inside-dwellers and I am quite certain they will stay that way unless I get a leash to walk them in out-of-doors. After losing Chester, I am taking no risks. I wish it were safer around here for cats, but it's not.

Beautiful photos!

Angelo said...

That was a very interesting post! Nermal would have to agree with you wholeheartedly! Thanks for visiting us today :)

Deana said...

My kitties are lucky that they have a choice. We live a mile off the highway in a wooded area. They have a barn to play in. The dogs keep predators away. My older cat moved here as a city kitty and he LOVES it. We often find him hunting in the field above our home. He leaves me little field mice on the doorstep all the time. My girl Calista doesn't like to stay out much but she enjoys pretty weather days watching the birds and bathing. When it gets too hot her fur sweats so she prefers to stay in.

I love your site. Your friend sounds amazing. A true good person. I am going to go visit your favorite charity above.

Gattina said...

I fully agree with you to 100 % ! (that's double, lol fully and 100) Kim is always outside that's why she is here because my son couldn't keep her in his appartment in Amsterdam, she was so used to go out in London. Pookie is a born inside cat, she could go out, but she doesn't do it very often. Only when I am in the garden. Lisa used to go out, but now she feels better inside or just on the terrace. Yes and Arthur is a special cat. He goes outside but only to find a victim to walk with or be petted or just jump in an open window to sleep in the neighbor's beds. So what is he ? Inside or outside ??

Dragonheart said...

I disagree with allowing cats outside. I've heard too many horror stories of cats being hit by hards, being attacked by dogs and other cats, and other heart-breaking stories.

I'm a Sphynx, so I MUST be an indoor-only cat. Since I have no fur, it can be very cold for me outside and I could become very ill. In hot sun, I could also sunburn on the lighter areas of my skin. So indoors is where it is safe and healthy for me to be.

When it's warm out, my humans do take me into the yard on my harness to explore. I am always fully supervised and have water and shade available. Going outside on my own just isn't safe.

I'm very happy my humans care about me so much. An indoor cat is a safe, healthy cat.

Your friend sounds like a very wonderful, caring person who has done a lot to help animals. But I can't agree with her opinion on outdoor cats. It just isn't safe for a cat to be outdoors in many places, and cats live very happy, healthy lives indoors.

Gen said...

Very well thought out post

Kuanyin said...

Ms or is it Miss? Dragonheart: I realize I should clear something up...my friend isn't the famous animal communicator who I quoted. She's very humble and so didn't link to her. As for you not going outside, I can clearly understand why! Your points are well-taken. Generalization doesn't take special cats like yourself into consideration. You're of the Priestess Class of Cats, and your design requires the light of inner temples. Mahalo for pointing out that all cats aren't alike. :-)

Puss-in-Boots said...

Hi Kuanyin

Thank you for coming and visiting me. I used to agree with what you say and actually still do, but after my experience last week, I'm very careful now. I wasn't even outside properly but sitting on my patio when that dingo (we think) nearly got me.

My companion is animal crazy too, but her very favourites are cats and I'm really glad. She's very good to me but does get cross with me at times (especially when I bring mice inside and let them go, she doesn't like that very much and catches them and puts them outside then tells me off).

I hope you come and visit again, Kuanyin.

Purrs and headrubs