Tuesday, March 20, 2007

How Anela Got Her Groove Back

Anela has become a VERY HAPPY cat this week, and here's why: I moved her most favorite rug in the whole wide world to her most favorite spot! This morning she didn't even want to move from this rug for breakfast, and that's saying something! I shall share with you why I moved her favorite rug back to her favorite place. It happened like this:

Last week I had another one of my wake-up calls, and I suddenly realized I hadn't re-arranged the placement of items, furniture, etc. for this year's prospering and auspicious 2007 Feng-Shui! Horrified that I had let this important yearly shifting pass me by (my alibi is I've been very busy, and I'm sticking to this story!), I immediately began the shifting and placing of rugs, colors, pillows, items, furniture, paintings, etc. So I moved all of the 'red' colors out of the center of our home and moved the metal in. If you would like a more thorough exposition of the kind of feng shui I practice, here is an excellent site which explains everything and also has great easy-to-understand articles: Red Lotus Letter

Thus, it came about that I moved our fine wool double dragon reddish toned carpet back from one area into Anela's favorite spot in the South near the double door and conveniently close to her cat door as well. This carpet was purchased in Kathmandu, Nepal at a Tibetan refugee carpet making facility which we visited in 1998. These lovely Tibetan women sang as they worked with nimble fingers and wove wool and silk materials into gorgeous, thick carpets. The ambience was vibrant and alive. In other words, very good juju was woven into these carpets. You could also purchase carpets there at a fraction of the price you would pay back in the United States. And so we ended up purchasing this beautiful double dragon carpet. The moment we brought it home, Anela adopted it as OUR APOLOGY GIFT for abandoning her for a long period of time while we traveled. This carpet has been shifted around all over our home through the years depending upon the yearly feng-shui. in 2006 Anela didn't like the placement, and so she was unhappy. My guess is that 2007 is going to be a very good year for all of us in our family because I've heard it said that if your cat is happy & content, then the family will also be happy and prosper.

Here's another fun cat link for you cat lovers: New research from the University of Prague reveals that parasites from cats make women friendly and men jerks. I swear I don't make this stuff up. Read about it here.

Regarding yesterday's post about the recall, more brands have been added. Check out the new updated list here.


FelineFrisky said...

Anela looks quite happy, indeed!

Punkin LOVES our oriental carpet in our dining area. She rolls and stretches and twists like she's being scratched all over! LOL Thanks for stopping by! D :)

meeyauw said...

Yup, a contented cat means a happy home. Now I read that article the other days. . . I don't actually remember it calling men jerks! LOL But you might be on to something there!

Gattina said...

Oh my ! you move around with Feng Chui ? But if it makes Anela happy, shouldn't be a bad thing then ! My cats do their moving themselves and choose everyday (or almost) another place, for instance it's the kitchen table for Kim, which is not very pratical, also the squatted toilet by Lisa !

Dragonheart said...

What a great story behind the carpet! Anela look lovely and comfortable lying on it. :)

Gen said...

Great story Great photo

Cassie said...

Loved the post and the pictures too and it's done perfectly for COTC so no worries there! :)