Thursday, March 22, 2007

Life Lessons Learned Through Scrapbooking

Every now and then I discover a new blog which blows me away with it's design, content, quality, and beauty. Such a blog is Lessons from the Scrapbook Page

Created by author Tasra Dawson, this blog is an extension of her gorgeous website and book "Real Women Scrap." I just finished watching her blog video entry of March 21st titled , " A Simple Strategy to Help You Organize Your Life" where Tasra gives clear steps to help you organize your life so that it reflects your true commitments and priorities.

I took notes as I watched her excellent video on the subject of organizing your life. Here's what I jotted down from Tasra's suggestions, and I highly recommend you watch the short video, as what I write below are simply the cliff notes. If any of my blog readers are anything like me with their plates overflowing with 'things to do' lists, you will surely benefit. Besides the suggestions she offers on her video is my commentary of what I do....and don't do...and need to do!

1. Keep records of your activities. (Check...I do this!)
2. Make a list of priorities. (I've done this one.)
3. Perhaps make some hard choices and changes. (This is what I need to do.)
4. Crop, "cut the fat", spend 30 minutes alone deciding what can go. (For sure!)
5. Get input from others. (I haven't done this.)
6. Analyze and strategize a new daily schedule. I love this Tasra quote,
"Show up for yourself every day." ( This is an important reminder for me because I so often forget about me!)
7. Live a life which reflects your truth, commitments, and priorities. (Yes!)

Even though I've never gotten into scrapbooking with friends as a weekly social event or taken any scrapbook classes, I have made scrapbooks and visited scrapbook stores. I sometimes incorporate scrapbook items from the stores to add to my mixed media art such as the photo above of my recent art titled "Oakridge Cousin Moves to Maui". I know scrapbooking as a hobby is growing with events like scrapbook cruises and scrapbook contests, etc. If I were to get into serious scrapbooking, some other activity in my life would have to be deleted as there doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day as it is.

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