Friday, April 06, 2007

How To Keep Out of the Electromagnetic Soup

As I was reading the Mom Defrazzler blog post about stress reduction and electromagnetic pollution, I began thinking about all the new cell phone towers which are sprouting like weeds all over the globe. Is there going to be any place left to live on this planet where we're not in this thick electromagnetic soup? The statistics being reported of the resulting health problems from being immersed in this electromagnetic soup are frightening to say the least.How can we protect ourselves if we can't move to the heart of Africa or some other place remote and off the grid?

Mom Defrazzler has some ideas if you email her, and her email is on the stress post. I also have some suggestions and products which I'd like to share from my own research on this subject:

1. If you use your cellphone, use it only if necessary. Save your longer conversations for your home phone. Add one of the many protective devices to your cellphone if you are required to use it frequently. Dr. Mercola has two products he believes helps protect you from cellphone radiation. Click here and here for these products.

2. The portable Q Link Ally will do this for you: "The EMF radiation protection extends to 40 feet in all directions." Click here for more information on this product and other products they carry.

3. Don't sleep with electric blankets, on electric beds or water beds.

4. The Healthy House, offers lots of products to gauge the electromagnetic energies around you and to protect you.

Have a loving, safe, and healthy Easter!


mom-defrazzler said...

Hi, Kuanyin!

Thanks for the reference. You are right to be cautious about all the electromagnetic junk out there. You have some great ideas here on your post, and folks need to take them seriously.

Dr. Carlo - the world expert in this area - says that if we don't get this figured out in the next five years, there are going to be some very serious consequences.

You're doing a great thing here. Keep up the good work!


Pat said...

I think that the harmful effects of cellphones don't just happen but are long term effects. Even though there isn't any reports of deaths regarding it's negative effects, it's still better to be carefull. New inventions might bring about conflict with the cellphone and may be even more serious.

Terri said...

That's right. Even thought it's not harmful in the short term, there are still risks involve. We should be cautious of the effects of technology. It's better to safe than sorry.