Friday, April 13, 2007

I've Fallen In Love With Smencils!

I wasn't looking to fall in love...honest! Cupids must be working on me! Just kidding, but honestly, I have discovered a product which blows me away, and I simply have to rave about them!

The product is Smencils!

These pencils aren't your ordinary pencils...oh no! They are gourmet scented pencils made FROM RECYLCLED NEWSPAPERS! How cool is that? Here's what the company writes on their website:

  • "We roll sheets of newspaper tightly around the #2 graphite writing cores until
    the pencils are of typical thickness are formed.
  • Then they're hardened - allowing them to be sharpened just like wood pencils.
  • Next, we soak them with our gourmet liquid scents (made by an award
    winning fragrance company).
  • Once they're dry, we attach the erasers and apply the stickers around them that identify
    which scent was infused into each Smencil.
  • Lastly, we put each one into its own Freshness Tube."
Now your children should really have fun doing their homework! And for me....I plan to use them in my artwork!


scribbit said...

Whoever heard of such a thing? I'd always be licking the pencils--lime is my favorite flavor.

Paul said...

You and my sister...

She sprays everything, has scented candles all over the house... I told her I heard on NPR that I think it's Goodyear now has, no kidding, scented tires - I guess so your garage smells fresher?

Gen said...

Great blog, I would like to try them