Sunday, April 22, 2007

My Top Three Concerns on Earth Day 2007

Here are my top three concerns for our health and environment in 2007:

1. Current legislation to limit our alternative health care rights. Here's a snippet of what you will discover on the following link to this story:

"The FDA is using legal maneuvering to end your access to natural health products (like vitamins, minerals and herbs) and natural health therapies of all sorts. Again. This time, their ploy is to declare the therapies are "Medicine" so any non-physician who uses them will be practicing medicine without a license. Since these practices are "Medicine", any products used would be untested drugs and therefore forbidden."

Click here for the link.

2. Electronic Smog

Read my April 6th post titled "How To Keep Out of the Electromagnetic Soup" posted on this blog. Also read about the recently released research on the Earth Day website titled, ""Wi-Fi: Children at risk from Electronic Smog."

3. Accelerating Deforestation

Click here for more information on this subject

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