Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Anela has Magic in her Paws

Anela (the cat that owns us and whom I praise on posts every Tuesday on this blog) loves to have people visit us at our home. Is it because she's curious about others... or is it because others have a different energetic frequency... or maybe because they may want to fawn over her and pet her? I'm not for sure what really goes through cat mind. All I know from observation is that she is more mellow and seemingly happier when our home gets a lot of traffic.

Anela loves big parties--the more the better! We haven't had one in a long time, but this week she whispered to me she desired a big celebration party. I explained to her that there needs to be a 'reason' for a celebration, and right now there isn't a reason!

This explanation didn't shut her up though. She can be a very bossy 'nudge', and after many back and forth conversations, I gave her the bottom-line: if she can create a reason for a celebration with he cat magic, then we shall have a party! So I threw the ball back in her court.

I'll keep you informed if she follows through with her famous cat magic! It has something to do with her paws!

Want to learn more about cat magic? Click here.

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Anni said...

It's Spring!

You love your cat!

You woke up this morning!

You want to see your friends!

Goodness, life is too short to always have to have a reason to celebrate. Celebrate for the sake of celebrating! Have fun!

srp said...

Only one of our cats loves a party or to be around strangers. Mr. Rhett runs to teh front door when the bell rings. He likes to sit and gaze at women with big blue mooney eyes.... he is always very respectful and makes them feel as if they were the only woman in the world.

Gattina said...

Lovely picture of Anela ! You know that because of Egyptian cat myth like in your link I discovered Internet and its advantages ? I came back from Egypt and was looking for documentation about Egyptian cats. From there I suddenly discovered Egyptian forems and from there a blog and that gave me the idea to create a cat blog. My very first, followed by countries and cities, but all in one remember perhaps ? You know me since my very beginnings.
I can say that cat mythologie changed my life !

Gattina said...

Forgot to say that only Arthur adores big parties then he can go from leg to leg and be petted ! The aahs and oohs about his little person makes him very proud and he behaves like a star. The others are just escaping (not Pookie she walks away in dignity)

Anonymous said...

She'll work her cat magic on you and low and behold, there will be a party arriving on your doorstep for sure!

Thanks for the great link to the magical cat history!

Dragonheart said...

Anela, I love to be around people too. I love attention! I enjoy it when people pet me and tell me how cute I am!

Puss-in-Boots said...

Who needs an excuse for a party? Anela wants one, that's enough. We want to read next about the preparations for Anela's party!

Deana said...

I have one that will walk right in to the big parties and want to check things out and one that hides for dear life. But none of mine peek out when my nephews are over! They are terrified.

I love your pictures and think it is wonderful that yours is so social...I wish mine were more like that.

Sonja said...

Great blog!! Thanks for visiting my blog Quantum Leaps and leaving a comment. My posts are not usually so provocative - you came on a "mischief week" where I was indulging my sense of innuendo! I'll be back to read more of your blog!!

FelineFrisky said...

Blessing LOVES company - he's the first to meet & greet. If he approves, the other 2 slink their way out from under cover! LOL

D :)