Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Cats on Tuesday--Conversation about Feeding

This morning I overhead a funny conversation about Anela, our cat. My partner (male) and one of our house guests (also male) were sitting at the dining room table having breakfast as they discussed the best way to get Anela to eat her full morning breakfast. I sat at my computer, and to the best of my memory this is what I overheard two MALES say:

Partner: I don't know why Anela's not eating her full breakfast lately. She's leaving a lot of it.

Houseguest: Perhaps you shouldn't feed her so much.

Partner: I don't know how to get her to eat more.

Houseguest: Don't give her so much. Give her a little and put the rest in a baggie or a tupperware, then put it in the fridge,

Partner: She likes her food hot. I always add hot water the way she likes it.

Houseguest: Heat the food up in the microwave before serving it. It'll be hotter that way.

Partner: She likes it with water so it's mushy.

Houseguest: Add water to it after the microwave.

And on and on this conversation went with me ROFL!

ME: And they say men aren't nurturing! They certainly are, especially when it comes to being the devoted staff/servants of Ms. Anela!


Deana said...

I like that! Men with heart. My husband is very loving to our furry babies too. I'm glad.

FelineFrisky said...

LOL!! Men are sooo funny!

D :)

Suzanne R said...

Wow, that's neat that they were both so concerned about Anela's welfare, but funny, too. Some men just aren't cat people, but then neither are some women. I think Anela is well-pampered in your household. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Very funny conversation! Men don't often admit to liking cats, but secretly they usually do. Thanks for making me laugh today!

TorAa said...

He-he, I eat what I want - so men can have funny conversations;))

Dragonheart said...

Cute conversation! :) I'm glad that Anela is well looked after. :)

meeyauw said...

It is heartening to hear of nurturing and caring men. Thank you for sharing!

Basha said...

I feel all warm and fuzzy inside knowing that Buckeye is so sweet to Anela. Mahalo ,that made my day.rubs and purrs...Basha

Puss-in-Boots said...

Trust a cat to bring out the mushy side of men!

Candace said...

I love this story. My favorite was my husband who pretended, years ago, not to care much for my cat Diane. The mornings he would get up very early for work, however, THOSE mornings Diane would smell strongly of his aftershave. Soon after I would "catch" him holding her...and he would drop her to the floor as soon as he saw me. LOL
These days he openly plays and talks with all of our cats and even gets his feelings hurt when my cuddle boy Nicky won't sleep on our bed when I am out of town.