Monday, May 14, 2007

Three Things I Love Meme

I was tagged by Mauro of 1 Million Love Messages
to list the "3 Things You Love" relative to the following subjects, and so here goes:

1. 3 Things I love about my Significant Other is his generosity, kindness, and loyalty.
2. 3 Things I love in a friend are a great sense of humor, sweet nature, and loyalty.
3. 3 Things I love in a book are solid information, creativity, and excellent editing.
4. 3 Things I love in a movie are inspiration, beauty, and awe.
5. 3 Things I love in a blog are information, humor, and inspiration.
6. 3 Things I love to talk about are spiritual subjects, love, and true angel stories.
7. 3 Things I love to do on vacations are explore, relax, and meet new people.
8. 3 Things I love to eat are organic salads, goat cheese, and chilled, ripe mangoes from our tree.
9. 3 Things I love to happen in my life are love shared between friends, blessings for the world and people, and freedom from stress, limitation, and lack for everyone.
10. 3 Things I love in 1 Million Love Messages are enthusiasm, passion, and motivation.

I'm now tagging:

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Gen said...

Three things I love is
Family, Accomplishing goals, Divine interventions!!!

Basha said...

three things I love are beautiful friends like you, my children and grand-daughter and last but not least Cats! p.s. and choclate!

webduck said...

I have completed the tag with my own answers! Come take a look on Pentimento. :)