Thursday, June 28, 2007

Link Love Thursday

I missed doing my Link-Love-Thursday last week, but I've got THREE great links to for you today. Enjoy!

Rats Laugh When You Tickle Them

Trade Ban On Tigers

Matrix Energetics

Monday, June 25, 2007

Cats On Tuesday

There are so many funny, well-written cat websites and blogs I love to read, but one cat website I recently discovered really made me laugh. Probably many people have had this very same idea (I know I have!), but one cat owner actually followed through on it!

Mr. Lee's owner put a small video recorder on him (called a cat-cam), and when Mr. Lee made his rounds outside, the places he went to were recorded. If you have an indoor-outdoor cat like I do, you always wonder where your cat roams, don't you? Now because of the video out-takes online, Mr. Lee is a world famous cat.

So I told Ms. Anela I'm considering doing the same thing so she too could become world-famous and support us in style in our old age. I think it's time that she become the bread-winner of this household. My partner and I will be her managers.

Click here to see the story of Mr. Lee

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Even Death is Going Green

I picked up a People magazine this week with the headline of the "Hottest Bachelors", but it wasn't the sexy guys featured inside that caught my attention, it was the fascinating article, "Dust to Dust--Goodbye, metal casket; hello, biodegradable box: The American way of death is going green" by Eileen Finan.

Dr. Billy Campbell and wife Kimberley (unoficially) began the green burial movement in America when they turned their land into the seventy acre Ramsey Creek Cemetery in South Carolina. At Ramsey Creek, everything is natural with the graves being hand dug with shovels, the headstones fashioned from local feldstone, and the caskets crafted from local pine. Quoting the magazine article, "It looks more like a nature preserve than a conventional cemetery."

The costs of funerals are a lot lower with green burials with much of the savings due to non-metal, inexpensive caskets and stone headstones or tree markers.

Here's some links for more reading:

Ramsey Creek Preserve

Green Burial

Friday, June 22, 2007

Energy Requirements

I don't know if it's the heat of summer, the cane burn, the vog, or my physical circadian rhythm being low, but I'd noticed a slump in my energy. In an attempt to get re-energized--in a natural way--I began taking some new health products, taken some time away from the computer, and initiated other healthy protocols into my daily regime.

Have you ever noticed how many health products attest to helping you gain energy? Everything from detox products to parasite remedies to vitamins all claim to benefit our energy levels. I think more 'energy' is what everyone is trying to get, to claim, and to hold onto.

My daily diet would most likely be considered a healthy one by most standards, for I don't drink carbonated beverages, eat meat, junk food, or processed food. My partner makes us a large green drink every morning which has other goodies in it like aloe and goji juice and whatever else he chooses to add that day. He usually eats Bob's natural RAW oatmeal (from the health food store, naturally!) with fresh mango from our mango tree, and I usually have a piece of spelt bread with local, organic honey on top and some mango.

For snacks, we munch on organic green apples or organic local bananas, and lunch and dinner is an organic salad with homemade soup. We prefer to eat light, eat natural, eat local, and eat organic. When we dine out, we share our meals most of the time, and attempt to keep our food intake light. Ok, sometimes we scarf down Italian food like it's going out of style with some delicious red wine....but this is rare.

We drink water from our reverse osmosis apparatus attached to our sink laced with high frequency waters from the Intuitive Health Institute. A friend turned us onto these wonderful waters, and we have noticed a difference by taking them--a positive one....and yes, they bring us more energy!

AND YET with all the healthy food and healthy lifestyle, I want even MORE energy. So I've recently added two new products to my daily intake: brown algae and homeopathic HGH. Both of these products claim to increase energy amongst other benefits, and since taking these new products, I have felt a 'bump' of increased energy. I'll have to wait and see if these two will get me to how I want to feel--like I'm twenty-one again.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Cats on Tuesday--Painted Anela

There has been an large earthquake swarm one island over from where I live--on the Big Island (Hawaii). Magma is on the move under the surface of Kilauea Volcano. The authorities have closed the roads going to the Volcano Park because of the danger.

The last big earthquake on the Big Island impacted us on our island on Maui with earthquake damage, so I'm praying the volcano settles down. As an act of propitiation to the Volcano Goddess of the Islands, Pele, I have painted Anela in volcano colors. Doesn't she look stunning?

I don't know how well cats serve as earthquake detectors--I've read that geese and snakes are. However, if I see Anela hightailing it out of here, I will be right behind her!

To check on the earthquake swarm, click here.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Meet A Maui Cat

After tearing out my hair all week trying to figure out how to upload my FIRST Flip Video to YouTube, I finally accomplished my goal! Whoot!

Ta Dum: Meet a Maui Cat starring my cat Anela.

My videos will least I know the process now!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Wordless Wednesday--Beauty Queen Daughter

Just so readers don't get confused: my daughter is the brunette with the crown!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Cats on Tuesday--Cat Confessions

This past week I was tagged by Mom Unplugged to play along with the Cat Confessions Meme. (Please read my last post if you wish to know more about memes!)

So this week Anela will share with you her "deepest, darkest, most secret confessions."

1. I don't like cat food...I only slurp the juice from the wet food my Male Cat Slave makes when he puts water in with the food, and I only slurp to make him happy. I prefer raw geckos! Eating raw is very "In" with humans--what took them so long to realize it's healthy?

2. I'm known as the Talking Cat around here, but I learned this trick from my buddy Blu who crossed over the rainbow many years ago. After he crossed over, I began talking like he did. My Numero Uno Cat Slave, Ms. Kuanyin, speculates that Blu has possessed me. Untrue. I know they miss him, so I talk like he did PLUS this trick works for getting more treats.

3. When no one's looking, I paint and draw. This is my rendition of Ms. Kuanyin. Notice the martini glass. Oh yeh....there's a story there!

4. I have a secret crush on a neighbor cat, and he ignores me. So I slipped this photo underneath his water dish with my paw mark on the back.


Any other cat bloggers who want to play along, consider yourself tagged!

Monday, June 11, 2007

To Meme or Not to Meme? This IS the question!

When I decided to do research on memes for the Gonzo Meme Carnival, I was confused about memes. I have participated in popular blog memes such as Thursday Thirteen, Cats on Tuesday, and Wordless Wednesday, and thus I had a vague idea. However, I'm still confused what a 'meme carnival' is! Since this post is going to be my contribution to this carnival promoted by a blog friend, I decided to research memes.

Reading the definition for 'meme' in Wikipedia, I became even more confused. However, I was cheered to read this, "Considerable controversy surrounds the term "meme" and its associated discipline, memetics. In part this arises because a number of possible (though not mutually exclusive) interpretations of the nature of the concept have arisen."

This controversy made me feel a bit better. I'm not the only one who's confused!

Finding the site Meme Central where the definition of a meme was simple and straightforward helped a lot: "Memes are contagious ideas, all competing for a share of our mind in a kind of Darwinian selection. As memes evolve, they become better and better at distracting and diverting us from whatever we'd really like to be doing with our lives. They are a kind of Drug of the Mind. Confused? Blame it on memes."

Aha! So now it's the meme's causing the confusion!

The science of 'memetics' is much bigger than I knew, and the links on Meme Central have opened my eyes. One site I particularly like is the Generosity Organization. They are using a meme (and plastic cards) to pay generosity forward. If there was ever a positive reason for using a meme, this is it for me! I'd like to see more of this meme replicated.

Another revelation from this site Meme Central was that the forwards all of us are constantly receiving via email urging us to pass them on (or else!) are mind virus's or memes! They share the antidote for them here.

So what kind of meme is a Gonzo meme? This question remains to be answered. Once I read the carnival posts, hopefully I will discover if this is a virus which will require an antidote....or not!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Michael Moore Wows Us

Last evening my partner and I finally had the chance to watch the Oprah show which I had DVR'd from the night before, a show we had very much wanted to see.

Michael Moore was Oprah's guest, and we're big fans of both of them. Michael was promoting his latest film, "Sicko", which recently got rave reviews at the Cannes Film Festival. You can read more about the success of his most recent film on his website.

This is a snippet of what he writes on his latest update about the film:

"At the press screening for "Sicko," the Wall Street Journal reported that hardened reporters and critics wept. Even those who have been harsh to me in the past, or who have not agreed with my politics, were moved. Aside from my stated desire that "Sicko" ignite a fire for free, universal health care (and a larger wish that we, as Americans, do a better job of treating each other with a true sense of solidarity and respect), I continue to hope that I can make a contribution to the art of cinema and give people a good reason to get out of the house for a few hours."

My partner was so inspired by this Oprah show with Michael he said he's going to email BOTH Oprah and Michael. Ya see...we're upset with the pathetic health care system in America!

My partner had such an issue with Kaiser that he switched health care providers recently. Kaiser wouldn't give him a medical test which his primary care doctor stated he needed! As we heard on the Oprah show last night, the reason he was denied the test which his doctor wanted him to have was because of the MONEY! Now he's going to get the test (which could possibly give him information to save his life!) with another doctor and another health care provider.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Cats On Tuesday--Mystery Cat

The cat in the photo above is NOT my cat Anela! And yet, I found this cat's photo on my computer this morning when I was searching for a photo of Anela to post for today. This 'mystery cat' became a big deal in our home as my partner and I examined this photo and three others in my photo file. The reason is we can't remember where we took the photo of this cat, and we can't place the background details in the other three photos even after zooming them up all the way. The photos were taken by my camera, and the photos on the day before and the day after, we can clearly recognize.

What's weirder yet is this cat has a strong similarity to Anela! The markings are similar, but there is more brown and black.

Here's a photo of Anela to examine:

Either we are early candidates for Alzheimers or we had some missing time where we visited some other home and took a photo of another cat. Needless to say, this is very disturbing to us that we can't recall where we photographed the mystery cat! Oy Vey!

Friday, June 01, 2007

Air Quality and Trash Talk

I've been talking with friends about the horrible air quality on Maui (the island where I live). The VOG blowing over from the Big Island (Hawaii) is so bad lately that practically everyone I know is impacted with physical reactions--everything from red, itchy eyes to headaches to sniffles. Many are going to their doctors and to the hospital to seek help.

Not only have we been discussing VOG, but also Maui trash-- especially the many abandoned cars all over the island!

At one time there were Trash Art events at the Queen Ka'ahumanu Center where artists displayed their unique creations made from trash. My daughter participated for several years with her unique creations made from license plates, bicycles, chairs, and other whatnot. This event was a inspiration to see how common trash could be recycled and turned into beautiful art. I'd like to see a Maui artist create something with the abandoned that would be something beautiful to see!

Here's a site by artist Chris Jordan called Running The Numbers which gives one a jolt to see how much office paper, aluminum cans, pills, plastic bags, etc. are consumed. A lot of the prescription pill residue is ending up in our oceans it has been determined by tests.

Here's another site I found titled The Best of British Trash Art.

What can be done about the bad air quality and proliferation of trash? I can only hope that creative minds will devise solutions so that we're not soon overwhelmed.