Friday, June 01, 2007

Air Quality and Trash Talk

I've been talking with friends about the horrible air quality on Maui (the island where I live). The VOG blowing over from the Big Island (Hawaii) is so bad lately that practically everyone I know is impacted with physical reactions--everything from red, itchy eyes to headaches to sniffles. Many are going to their doctors and to the hospital to seek help.

Not only have we been discussing VOG, but also Maui trash-- especially the many abandoned cars all over the island!

At one time there were Trash Art events at the Queen Ka'ahumanu Center where artists displayed their unique creations made from trash. My daughter participated for several years with her unique creations made from license plates, bicycles, chairs, and other whatnot. This event was a inspiration to see how common trash could be recycled and turned into beautiful art. I'd like to see a Maui artist create something with the abandoned that would be something beautiful to see!

Here's a site by artist Chris Jordan called Running The Numbers which gives one a jolt to see how much office paper, aluminum cans, pills, plastic bags, etc. are consumed. A lot of the prescription pill residue is ending up in our oceans it has been determined by tests.

Here's another site I found titled The Best of British Trash Art.

What can be done about the bad air quality and proliferation of trash? I can only hope that creative minds will devise solutions so that we're not soon overwhelmed.

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