Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Cats on Tuesday--Cat Confessions

This past week I was tagged by Mom Unplugged to play along with the Cat Confessions Meme. (Please read my last post if you wish to know more about memes!)

So this week Anela will share with you her "deepest, darkest, most secret confessions."

1. I don't like cat food...I only slurp the juice from the wet food my Male Cat Slave makes when he puts water in with the food, and I only slurp to make him happy. I prefer raw geckos! Eating raw is very "In" with humans--what took them so long to realize it's healthy?

2. I'm known as the Talking Cat around here, but I learned this trick from my buddy Blu who crossed over the rainbow many years ago. After he crossed over, I began talking like he did. My Numero Uno Cat Slave, Ms. Kuanyin, speculates that Blu has possessed me. Untrue. I know they miss him, so I talk like he did PLUS this trick works for getting more treats.

3. When no one's looking, I paint and draw. This is my rendition of Ms. Kuanyin. Notice the martini glass. Oh yeh....there's a story there!

4. I have a secret crush on a neighbor cat, and he ignores me. So I slipped this photo underneath his water dish with my paw mark on the back.


Any other cat bloggers who want to play along, consider yourself tagged!


Anonymous said...

Such an innocent-looking kitty...but with such secrets!!

Inquiring minds want to know: did the note work? Also, what IS the story behind that martini glass anyhow?

Very funny! Thanks for "playing!"

Dorothy said...

Very cute meme.

Suzanne R said...

Nicely played, especially with the neat cat note. LOL! I may do this meme if I get time in the next few days -- not tomorrow, but maybe Thursday or Friday. It depends on if my cats are willing to confess to anything. ;-)

Deana said...

Those were very entertaining answers! You really eat raw geckos? Mine sometimes eat the mice they catch but I can't imagine them actually eating a lizard?

Gattina said...

Anela seems to belong to the very poor unhappy cats, lol ! Arthur also would eat raw meat all the time.
Yesterday I picked up the new family member Rosie and I can tell you this tiny thing is VERY vocal ! I will post about her this morning.

Dragonheart said...

Great confessions, Anela. I hope the neighbour cat appreciates your charms!

meeyauw said...

That's a great cat macro you made, Anela! I bet it worked!