Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Cats On Tuesday--Mystery Cat

The cat in the photo above is NOT my cat Anela! And yet, I found this cat's photo on my computer this morning when I was searching for a photo of Anela to post for today. This 'mystery cat' became a big deal in our home as my partner and I examined this photo and three others in my photo file. The reason is we can't remember where we took the photo of this cat, and we can't place the background details in the other three photos even after zooming them up all the way. The photos were taken by my camera, and the photos on the day before and the day after, we can clearly recognize.

What's weirder yet is this cat has a strong similarity to Anela! The markings are similar, but there is more brown and black.

Here's a photo of Anela to examine:

Either we are early candidates for Alzheimers or we had some missing time where we visited some other home and took a photo of another cat. Needless to say, this is very disturbing to us that we can't recall where we photographed the mystery cat! Oy Vey!


Dorothy said...

Aloha, too!
Don't you just hate that, when you can't remember whose cat that is?

I do a lot of cat research, I've got tons of pictures and sometimes my own get blended in. I've got pictures I found the other day of cats when my children were young, can't remember their names...

Dragonheart said...

That other cat does look very similar to Anela! Perhaps that's why you took the photo, because this cat looked so much like her?

meeyauw said...

I did that once: took a cat photo but a couple years later I couldn't remember who it was or why I took it. I then e-mailed it to all family members and found it belonged to a niece. You could try that! Maybe the camera elves came in, though. It happens.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Miss Anela ran off with your camera and took it herself! They do look a lot alike.

Sorry I am so late visiting your COT post. I am glad Anela wishes to accept my cats' tag. They eagerly await her confessions next Tuesday!

(Perhaps stealing your camera will be one of them?)

Candace said...

Maybe its your cat's soul guide or something.
What a mystery and a great story.