Friday, June 22, 2007

Energy Requirements

I don't know if it's the heat of summer, the cane burn, the vog, or my physical circadian rhythm being low, but I'd noticed a slump in my energy. In an attempt to get re-energized--in a natural way--I began taking some new health products, taken some time away from the computer, and initiated other healthy protocols into my daily regime.

Have you ever noticed how many health products attest to helping you gain energy? Everything from detox products to parasite remedies to vitamins all claim to benefit our energy levels. I think more 'energy' is what everyone is trying to get, to claim, and to hold onto.

My daily diet would most likely be considered a healthy one by most standards, for I don't drink carbonated beverages, eat meat, junk food, or processed food. My partner makes us a large green drink every morning which has other goodies in it like aloe and goji juice and whatever else he chooses to add that day. He usually eats Bob's natural RAW oatmeal (from the health food store, naturally!) with fresh mango from our mango tree, and I usually have a piece of spelt bread with local, organic honey on top and some mango.

For snacks, we munch on organic green apples or organic local bananas, and lunch and dinner is an organic salad with homemade soup. We prefer to eat light, eat natural, eat local, and eat organic. When we dine out, we share our meals most of the time, and attempt to keep our food intake light. Ok, sometimes we scarf down Italian food like it's going out of style with some delicious red wine....but this is rare.

We drink water from our reverse osmosis apparatus attached to our sink laced with high frequency waters from the Intuitive Health Institute. A friend turned us onto these wonderful waters, and we have noticed a difference by taking them--a positive one....and yes, they bring us more energy!

AND YET with all the healthy food and healthy lifestyle, I want even MORE energy. So I've recently added two new products to my daily intake: brown algae and homeopathic HGH. Both of these products claim to increase energy amongst other benefits, and since taking these new products, I have felt a 'bump' of increased energy. I'll have to wait and see if these two will get me to how I want to feel--like I'm twenty-one again.

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