Thursday, June 07, 2007

Michael Moore Wows Us

Last evening my partner and I finally had the chance to watch the Oprah show which I had DVR'd from the night before, a show we had very much wanted to see.

Michael Moore was Oprah's guest, and we're big fans of both of them. Michael was promoting his latest film, "Sicko", which recently got rave reviews at the Cannes Film Festival. You can read more about the success of his most recent film on his website.

This is a snippet of what he writes on his latest update about the film:

"At the press screening for "Sicko," the Wall Street Journal reported that hardened reporters and critics wept. Even those who have been harsh to me in the past, or who have not agreed with my politics, were moved. Aside from my stated desire that "Sicko" ignite a fire for free, universal health care (and a larger wish that we, as Americans, do a better job of treating each other with a true sense of solidarity and respect), I continue to hope that I can make a contribution to the art of cinema and give people a good reason to get out of the house for a few hours."

My partner was so inspired by this Oprah show with Michael he said he's going to email BOTH Oprah and Michael. Ya see...we're upset with the pathetic health care system in America!

My partner had such an issue with Kaiser that he switched health care providers recently. Kaiser wouldn't give him a medical test which his primary care doctor stated he needed! As we heard on the Oprah show last night, the reason he was denied the test which his doctor wanted him to have was because of the MONEY! Now he's going to get the test (which could possibly give him information to save his life!) with another doctor and another health care provider.


TorAa said...

American TV shows is for me the last thing I would consider to think about to spend my time to view. May be mr "revolution- Moore" have something to tell people in US and other countries, but here in the Nordics - it's rather pathetic.

Sorry to be so honest - and with Oprah on top - grrrr - subjecst like this is more serious... than be put into such a "package" or Commodity.

that's it for now. At least, we have had a day 90,7 F here at 60 degrees north.

Cats stay outdoor, in the shadow,sip a bit water, but do eat next to nothing.

Kuanyin said...

Toraa: I guess American TV, Moore, and Oprah triggered you by the vibe of your comment. Interesting because here in the USA, both would be considered popular people, at least Oprah! :-)

Norway must have socialized medicine like Sweden, but here we don't, and it's an important subject to be discussed. Many would like to see a change.

Happy to hear of your warm weather!

Gattina said...

Michael Moore is very much liked in Europe a lot of people think that he is the only american with a good sense. Oprah I only saw in the States and the UK otherwise she is not known here. For sure I will see Michaels new film !
BTW I am back from Turkey, I arrived home this afternoon and am happy to type on my keyboard instead of a turkish one ! That wasn't easy ! they had two different types of "i" and it took me 1/2h to find that out, I couldn't log in to my blog ! You should have seen the Internet Café full of men who looked at me as if I were ET in person ! A woman in an Internet Café ! Never seen ! and an "old" one on top of it !

Puss-in-Boots said...

Hi Kuanyin

Sounds like your health system is in the same dire straits as Australia's is! It's all about politics and money. Meanwhile the waiting lists grow longer for public patients, and the private ones get higher premiums for insuring themselves. Where's it going to end?

Candace said...

It is ALWAYS about the money...but whom is it to blame, really? I have a great dentist, but they have stopped sumbitting the insurance for the patients and so, I must do it myself. And the amount of time I spend fighting, filing, refiling and calling and trying to keep track of it all is outrageous. The insurance company seems to START OUT denying coverage, just to see if they can! GRRRRRRRR.

I am not convinced socialized medicine is the way to go either. My kidney stone operation, I believe, would have been considered "elective surgery" in a socialist context. I only waited three days (in excruciating pain) but I have read of others waiting months for the same "elective" treatment in other countries with a socialized system. SCARY.

I am not sure what the answer is!

Suzanne R said...

I am on Kaiser and I once had surgery there that was almost by mistake, mainly because the surgeon thought I had a blocked duct from my liver rather than from my gall bladder. His reaction when I told him the situation was kind of like, "Oh well, it's scheduled so we'll do it anyway." Hello! I have heard of people dying of infected gall bladders way back in the 1930's and 1940's, which is where Kaiser sometimes seems to be getting their medical practices from! I'm glad your partner was able to go elsewhere to get the health care that was needed. I am stuck with Kaiser because the business that I own pays for my health insurance premiums there, plus it is about the only reasonable option to get for employees in a business the size of mine. But I tend to take some of what their doctors do and say with a grain of salt.

I will watch for that Michael Moore movie, although I will likely wait until it comes out on DVD to see it.