Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Tea Which Changed My Life

A number of years ago, I was suffering from low thyroid. However, when my Kaiser doctor tested me for this condition, my low thyroid didn't show up, and my Kaiser doctor refused to run the full panel of tests because she felt I would be wasting my money. With no assistance from this doctor, I instead went to an alternative doctor on Maui, a wonderful, caring, and thorough doctor. This doctor wasn't covered by my Kaiser insurance, but what are you going to do when you need help?

She ordered lots of tests for me and the full thyroid panel. I paid nearly $1,000 for all the tests--even with my Kaiser insurance. The test results showed exactly what I already suspected. My thyroid was out of whack! My body wasn't converting T4 to T3! Far from being unusual, my situation was, in fact, very normal--and something many medical doctors aren't acknowledging. This is why many women suffer!

She suggested taking pills from a compounding pharmacy, and I did so for many long months. I also kept track of my temperature and recorded my temperature many times a day which at that time was most often in the low 60's--and I was lucky if I got a reading of 97.2. Low temperature is one of the signs of hypothyroid problems. With increasing dosages of this medication, slowly my temperature readings showed a rise in my temperature.

However, this medication was super expensive! Every time I turned around, I was paying another $75 for a small bottle. One day I said to myself, there MUST be another way! Thus began my research on the net to find something which raised my temperature and would help my thyroid. I looked through lots of material until I found the answer to my prayer:

Ojibwa Tea of Life, also known as Essiac Tea.

There are lots of companies offering this tea on the net, but the one I finally selected felt 'right', and so I purchased their 4 oz. tincture which was very easy to use. All I did was drop some of this tincture into warm water, and I was good to go. After several months of drinking this tea, my thyroid stabilized, and now my temperature is in the normal range again several years later. As a matter of fact, I just took my temperature before writing this post, and I'm a perfect 98.6!

Here's what the Ojibwatea company writes

"Our products are pure, non-irradiated, organically grown and affordable. Essiac (pronounced "es-ee-ack") is an herb tea formula attributed to Canadian nurse Rene Caisse (reen-case) of Bracebridge Ontario, Canada. Rene claimed the essiac tea formula was given to her by a miner's wife who was seemingly cured of breast cancer by an herb recipe. These herbs were given to her by "a very old Indian medicine man"."

Take back your power from the doctors who don't help you, and help yourself!

Links to read:

Women to Women on Hypothyroidism and Testing

Dr. Murphree's Health News

Monday, July 30, 2007

Cats On Tuesday--On Cat Behaviour

As I've mentioned many a time on this blog, in our home we are Cat Slaves to Queenie Anela. And today I desire to vent about one of her most perplexing and annoying demands.

Even though Q. Anela has a perfectly good cat door two feet away, she will sit at the patio door and meow orders at us to arise from our comfy couch to let her out the patio door. Then she will tease us by deciding if she truly wants to go out--and sometimes her slow exit out will take up to a minute. Now I rarely have the patience for this primadona behavior, and on occasion, I have been known to facilitate her exit with a gentle but firm nudge of my toe to her butt. I'm doing her a favor by making up her mind for her.

Anela may be the Queen, and we may be her slaves, but the slave who is writing this post doesn't much care for the dawdling at the door! Letting her out when she's undecided is one of my least favorite chores. Thus, when I saw this comic (above), I knew the artist must be a cat slave, for only a cat slave could draw such a true-life comic.

This regal photo of Anela shown above is of recent vintage. Anela likes to sit on our deck railing high above the yard below and survey her kingdom. She may be a dowager queen, but she still rules!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Is Weight Gain Contagious?

I read a really interesting article in USA Today online. Here's a snippet from what was written:

"One person's obesity can significantly increase the chance that his or her friends, siblings and spouse also will become heavy, according to the first study done on how weight gain spreads through social networks. And if a person slims down, the people around him or her also may lose weight."

Read the rest of the article here.

Now what's weirder yet is that I've always suspected this to be true, even though this theory has never been proposed before now. My own weight fluctuations in my life as well as observing others was what gave me the heads-up. Even with three degrees of separation from friends and family and from a far geographic distance, the weight gain or loss of others makes an impact on one's weight IF ONE IS UNAWARE. Awareness is the key!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Of Milestones and Death

Death has been on my mind a lot lately as a beloved friend passed two days ago. I blogged it about here and here and here.

When someone dies, you start thinking about the passing of time. And so today I looked at the blogs I created, most of them last year in 2006. I have one SENIOR blog, Who's Yo Mama, but the rest of the blogs are aging at different schedules. Here's their milestones:

In two days, Way Khool Sites will celebrate her 100th blog birthday.

Moonlight Becomes Me has SEVEN more days to go before she hits her 300th post.

Wailea Daily Photo has only 50 posts to go before I will have posted there for 365 days.

And my senior blog, Who's Yo Mama? has ONLY 26 more posts to go before she hits her BIG 400! What a lady!

Now Blog-Blond, one of my most popular blogs, is trailing behind as she has 81 more posts before she hits 200.

Dancing Dolphin Journal
has 57 more posts to go before she makes 100.

Maui Skies is almost another senior citizen with 80 to go before hitting 300.

Vintage-Tees is a baby with 77 before she even touches 100.

And last, but not least, is this blog. She will hit her 200th post with 19 more.

As I considered this massive posting output and the many milestones approaching, I've been contemplating the birth and death of my blogs.

Just as many people leave a large legacy behind them when they pass on, what happens to blogs when their creators pass on or abandon them? Do they live in perpetuity in cyberspace? Will there still be something of worth which was communicated? Will one day I feel complete with my blogs and think enough is enough, leave them as they are, and then check-out of the blogging world?

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Link Love Thursday

Every week I am blown away by amazing blogs and websites which I like to give Link Love to here every Thursday, especially ones that feature stories about amazing people, alternative health, spirituality, ecology, and new energy. This week's treasure trove is a bumper crop of goodies.

First, I discovered (as did MANY other people by the stats!) the blog of a 19 year old Malawian Secondary Student, William Kamkwamba, an inspiring teenager who built a wind turbine from scrap materials and a book on electricity which now furnishes his small family and village with power. You can make contributions on his blog if you're moved to do so.

Check his blog out here.

Second, I stumbled onto an incredible Nature meditation site sponsored by Lime. Turn your music on, and imagine yourself in the forest surrounded by the beauty and sounds of our precious Earth.

Click here for this site.

Third and last, I decided to see what one of my first inspirational blog friends was up to as I hadn't visited his site in quite awhile. Was I ever surprised to see the new direction he's gone. He's created an impressive blog/newsletter about sustainable living called Lighter Footstep.

Check it out here.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Cats On Tuesday--Musing on Catography

A friend emailed me lots of photos of painted cats, and the one I selected for today's post is my favorite. I imagine these are photo- shopped for I don't think a cat would allow it's butt to be painted, nor can I imagine anyone holding a cat down long enough to paint such a design! Anela would have hightailed it the moment I picked up a paint brush.

I enjoy all the great photos of "Cats in Sinks", but know Anela will never make it to this website. She would NEVER lie in a sink long enough for me to take a photo as these happy cats do in their sinks. Trying to get Anela to pose for a camera isn't easy. She was born wild (feral) and retains much of this wildness. She doesn't much care for cameras pointed at her. Nor does she like being picked up and cat-handled--having purchased the flea creme that you rub into the back of a cat's neck awhile back, I've been holding-off doing so because I recall what a battle it's been in the past, and I'm procrastinating.

The VERY best opportunity to get a photo of her is when she's sleeping such as the one below. I've sunken to become a cat-arazzi because of her distaste for getting her photo taken.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Law of Attraction Practice

We're big fans of Esther and Jerry Hicks who were ahead of their time writing and speaking of the Law of Attraction. We've been to their workshop, read their books, and joined with friends in studying and practicing the Law of Attraction.

Thus I found it rather ironic these master teachers should attract the Australian producer, Rhonda Byrne, who made a mint with the DVD and book and with whom they were originally aligned. They would have also made a large profit were it not for some disagreements and 'details' which I read about in a New York Times article. I guess perfecting the Law of Attraction takes some doing....and practice, practice, practice.

In any event, I'd like to share a lovely YouTube video with you on this subject.

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Friday, July 13, 2007

Summer of Love Memories

Many long years ago my daughter and I had a reading with a famous psychic. And my daughter was told a wild story: that she had been a hippie in San Francisco during the famous Summer of Love where she had died from an overdose.

What was wild about this story is that my daughter ( born in 1975) for reasons unknown to me had in her youth an obsession for 60's music and especially the song, "When You Go to San Francisco, Be Sure to Wear A Flower in Your Hair". She is an authority on 60's music, began collecting it as a young girl, knows all the lyrics, names of musicians, etc. She knows way more than me about sixties music and sixties trivia.

We received chill bumps when we heard this information from the psychic. If there is truth to this, my daughter has certainly changed in this lifetime as she's not a druggie, smoker, or a drinker. She wanted to move to San Francisco, and she almost went to an art school there at one time. However, after she went for a visit, that was enough for her, and she realized she was complete with San Francisco.

In any event, the buzz is that the Summer of Love is rolling around again this summer. So she gets to experience another version of the S.O.L. How much fun is that?

On another note, I can't recall who gifted me this wonderful Schmoozer badge, but I love it! If you're reading this post and sent it to me, Mahalo Nui Loa! I will do my best to live up to using my Power of Schmooze!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Link Love Thursday

I began this blog with the intention to bring awareness to alternative health, thriving, well-being, interspecies communication, the environment, ecology, and a non-lugubrious, awakened approach to death. And every week on Thursday, I like to give link love to bloggers and websites who post on these subjects.

This is my Fifth Link Love Thursday! So far, it's just me and myself doing this, but hey, you know how it goes, one thing leads to another and before you know it, this will be a meme.

This week's links are:

PlasticLess--moving towards a plastic free life.
Collective Good--recycling your mobile phones
Treehugger on the Radio--more fascinating TreeHugger articles

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Wordless Wednesday--Drawing of Jesus

I was given this drawing of Jesus many years ago by a girlfriend. I can't make out the name of the artist, so if anyone knows, let me know so I can give him/her credit. Even though this depiction may not have any relevance to the appearance of the 'historical' Jesus, I still love the beauty and energy of this drawing.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Cats On Tuesday--Anela Has Her Say

It is I, Anela-- better known as Queenie in my home--who is dictating this post to my cat slave, Ms. Kuanyin. It's high time I have a few words to say about her as she's always rattling-on about me. She's a fairly good slave as slaves go, and she's very easygoing, quiet, and allows me total freedom to come and go although she sometimes stomps her foot at me when I become too demanding.

Her s.o. is much easier to manipulate and is the more dutiful cat slave. He jumps to it when I meow orders, even getting up from his comfortable chair to feed me more snacks, and he's always the first one up to prepare my breakfast just the way I like it.

All in all I'm a very contented cat, and I feel protected, loved, and best of all adulated. Look at the photo of me in the museum? Now that's why I have the BEST cat slaves!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Back To Rats Again

I recently posted a link about rats expressing joy when being tickled. News such as this gives me great joy for it reveals the truth about how limited the hearing is for most humans--we simply can't hear the frequency on which the animals express.

Interspecies communication has been one of my interests, and dare-i-say, obsessions for a long time. I truly believe humans will treat animals with more decency and compassion when learning animals aren't dumb creatures but simply communicate in different ways than we do. Once the truth of interspecies communication deepens within humanity, animals will not be mistreated the way they have been is my fervent prayer.

So it was such good news to read the recent scientific study published in the New Scientist about rats and how they're influenced by the kindness of strangers. Just one more brick in the wall to prove that animals are just like us!

Here's the story in the New Scientist.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Beam Me Up

I've always been interested in the concept of teleportation after watching the characters in Star Trek do it. If one were easily able to teleport, think of the time, energy, and money, one could save. So it was of great interest to read the scientists are working on teleportation. Read the latest:

"Researchers from UQ's Australian Research Centre for Quantum Atom Optics (Dr Ashton Bradley, Dr Simon Haine and Dr Murray Olsen) and Australian National University (Joseph Hope) have proposed a new way of teleporting matter waves. “We propose a scheme which allows an atom laser beam to disappear at one location and reappear at another,” Dr Bradley said.

“We feel that our scheme is closer in spirit to the original fictional concept,” Dr Haine said.

“What differentiates our scheme from what is usually termed quantum teleportation is that our scheme does not require the sender and receiver to share entangled states, as there is no measurement step involved in sending the information.

In this scheme the sender and receiver require a reservoir of extremely cold atoms, known as a Bose-Einstein condensate (BEC).

BEC is a state of matter that occurs when atoms become very cold, (about 100 billionths of a degree about absolute zero).

Due to a phenomenon known as Bose-Enhancement, all the atoms like to act the same way. This causes the atoms to act as one macroscopic matterwave, rather than a collection of individual atoms.”

Dr Haine said that sending a pulse of atoms towards a trapped condensate (BEC) and illuminating them with a control laser beam, the atoms from the pulse were stimulated to act the same way as the atoms already trapped in the BEC.

This resulted in the emission of a photon. As all the atoms in the BEC had a very well-defined momentum, the photons being emitted would follow the same direction and form a signal beam."

You can read the rest here.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Cats on Tuesday

One of the things I like to do on my computer is Stumble. If you haven't added this Firefox extension and toolbar (it's free), I would suggest you might like to do so because you stumble across so many interesting sites! For the longest time, I didn't know it was also a blog and a social networking place rolled into one. If you already have Stumble and want to add me as a friend, I go by Kuanyin333 because Kuanyin was already taken.

Anyhoo...this week I stumbled across two sites which caught my attention (the links will be listed below). The first one is a video of a woman who has taught her cat lots of tricks which they demonstrate on the video. Many people don't think cats can learn tricks, but they don't know cats. You just have to find the proper way to bribe them. I recently got a phone call from a girlfriend in California who told me how her cat watched her play her drum, and then he began doing the same thing when she laid it down by banging it with his paw. She was blown away by this copy-cat demonstration.

I haven't tried to teach Anela any tricks, but my partner has. He gets her to stand up on her hind legs for treats, and that's about it. She's an old cat now and set in her ways...which brings me to the other link I stumbled upon: the world's oldest cat. He is ONLY 37 years old, but I guess that's really OLD for a cat. The photo shows that 37 is the new 17 (if you get my joke).

Here's the links:

Cats Can Do Tricks Video

World's Oldest Cat