Sunday, July 08, 2007

Back To Rats Again

I recently posted a link about rats expressing joy when being tickled. News such as this gives me great joy for it reveals the truth about how limited the hearing is for most humans--we simply can't hear the frequency on which the animals express.

Interspecies communication has been one of my interests, and dare-i-say, obsessions for a long time. I truly believe humans will treat animals with more decency and compassion when learning animals aren't dumb creatures but simply communicate in different ways than we do. Once the truth of interspecies communication deepens within humanity, animals will not be mistreated the way they have been is my fervent prayer.

So it was such good news to read the recent scientific study published in the New Scientist about rats and how they're influenced by the kindness of strangers. Just one more brick in the wall to prove that animals are just like us!

Here's the story in the New Scientist.

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BeccaGirl said...

As odd as it may sound, I believe I do have a sort of communication with one of my cats. She will meow a very distinct meow when she wants food vs. when she's lonely. And she 'says' it repeatedly the same. She is meaning to meow something very specific to me to get my attention and react a certain way. The same goes for my other cat...he sorta meows "Meeeee" when I'm about to give him his food. He does it every time! I have a joke where I say, "Who's food is this?" and I pause to hear his "Meeee."
It's cute, but I do believe there's something to it!
That one guy gets paid alot of money to listen to dogs! So it's quite possible.
On Oprah, some lady has claimed to have unlocked the language of babies. It's all very interesting!!!