Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Cats On Tuesday--Musing on Catography

A friend emailed me lots of photos of painted cats, and the one I selected for today's post is my favorite. I imagine these are photo- shopped for I don't think a cat would allow it's butt to be painted, nor can I imagine anyone holding a cat down long enough to paint such a design! Anela would have hightailed it the moment I picked up a paint brush.

I enjoy all the great photos of "Cats in Sinks", but know Anela will never make it to this website. She would NEVER lie in a sink long enough for me to take a photo as these happy cats do in their sinks. Trying to get Anela to pose for a camera isn't easy. She was born wild (feral) and retains much of this wildness. She doesn't much care for cameras pointed at her. Nor does she like being picked up and cat-handled--having purchased the flea creme that you rub into the back of a cat's neck awhile back, I've been holding-off doing so because I recall what a battle it's been in the past, and I'm procrastinating.

The VERY best opportunity to get a photo of her is when she's sleeping such as the one below. I've sunken to become a cat-arazzi because of her distaste for getting her photo taken.


Dragonheart said...

A lot of the cats in sinks are cats that like to hang out there. My mom grew up with one cat who loved lying in the sink, especially when it was hot out.

Poor Anela, not liking having her picture taken. I love having mine taken! I'm glad that she found a wonderful Forever Home with you.

Paula said...

Oh my goodness! I can't imagine a cat that would sit through being painted like that! It would take a special one that is for sure.

I really need to post a picture of my kitties sleeping in the sinks to that site. They love the sinks!
It was fun to veiw all the sink loving kitties there.

meeyauw said...

The painted part looks fuzzy, tho, as if it is real. I can't' imagine how! I've got to look into this!

claudie said...

I think like you: it must be do with photoshop! I can't imagine an other way!
Lovely sleeping cat!

Suzanne R said...

I wouldn't like the idea of cats actually being painted -- it sounds almost abusive to me.

Anela is so pretty. I've never had a once-feral cat but I've heard that it takes time for them to develop trust in humans. I think your keeping her and being patient with her is wonderful!

What site, with cats in sinks? I have one shot of Socks in my bathroom sink but otherwise my cats have avoided them.

Deana said...

I got that email too and couldn't believe those cats let them do that. I would be a bit afraid that mine would get toxins or something.

Gattina said...

I think I would write out of my grave if I had tried to paint my cats ! and nobody poses here either. I have to catch them by surprise. For flee products I wait that they sleep and rubb it then in their neck, otherwise it also would be a battle, lol !

Dorothy said...

Comical picture of the cats butt. Anela sure is beauty even if she a bit persnickity.