Monday, July 30, 2007

Cats On Tuesday--On Cat Behaviour

As I've mentioned many a time on this blog, in our home we are Cat Slaves to Queenie Anela. And today I desire to vent about one of her most perplexing and annoying demands.

Even though Q. Anela has a perfectly good cat door two feet away, she will sit at the patio door and meow orders at us to arise from our comfy couch to let her out the patio door. Then she will tease us by deciding if she truly wants to go out--and sometimes her slow exit out will take up to a minute. Now I rarely have the patience for this primadona behavior, and on occasion, I have been known to facilitate her exit with a gentle but firm nudge of my toe to her butt. I'm doing her a favor by making up her mind for her.

Anela may be the Queen, and we may be her slaves, but the slave who is writing this post doesn't much care for the dawdling at the door! Letting her out when she's undecided is one of my least favorite chores. Thus, when I saw this comic (above), I knew the artist must be a cat slave, for only a cat slave could draw such a true-life comic.

This regal photo of Anela shown above is of recent vintage. Anela likes to sit on our deck railing high above the yard below and survey her kingdom. She may be a dowager queen, but she still rules!


meeyauw said...

Maybe this is Complain-About-Cats Tuesday? I have issues with my guy this week, too. I love that cartoon, it is just perfect. I have another cat that does that cat door thing, but in an obsessive-compulsive manner.

Letting them stay out doesn't do a bit of good, either!

Good luck to you!

Steph said...

This is just a cat trait. They all do it. Mine does it too. I finally have the upper hand though. If she doesn't come in, or act like she's going to come in, I close the door. The next time she asks to go in or out, there's no hesitation.

Don't you just love 'em?

Gattina said...

And now imagine to have this behaviour times 4 !! We are portiers to our cats ! It's a full time job, lol ! BTW I published my post yesterday instead of saving it as a draft and this morning I noticed it, of course Mr. Linky was missing and also the logo ! Now everything is there ! Sorry !

Paula said...

LOL, I love that cartoon! All my cats do that! It is annoying.
Your Queen kitty is really pretty!
We call our Wikipedia kitty
"The Princess of Everything"!

Anni said...

Very pretty Queen! Samantha likes to just stand in front of me. She knows that I'm trying to walk and she'll just sit there! LOL

claudie said...

You have the chance to have a tall queen at home! I'd like to have queens and kings too but at this moment there is a problem with the FĂ©lix the pirat, who arrives at home and staid but wants all the powers for him now! And the others are not really happy!

Sueblimely said...

My solution, have a Dr Doolittle for a partner. From the moment we met the dog and cats adored him. They are his constant companion at the computer. Dog at his feet and the very regal Burmese dictator, Pearl, laying on top of a CRT monitor that has a horizontal top. This has had to remain, now as a second monitor, as without it there she goes out of the way to make life unpleasant for us.