Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Cats on Tuesday

One of the things I like to do on my computer is Stumble. If you haven't added this Firefox extension and toolbar (it's free), I would suggest you might like to do so because you stumble across so many interesting sites! For the longest time, I didn't know it was also a blog and a social networking place rolled into one. If you already have Stumble and want to add me as a friend, I go by Kuanyin333 because Kuanyin was already taken.

Anyhoo...this week I stumbled across two sites which caught my attention (the links will be listed below). The first one is a video of a woman who has taught her cat lots of tricks which they demonstrate on the video. Many people don't think cats can learn tricks, but they don't know cats. You just have to find the proper way to bribe them. I recently got a phone call from a girlfriend in California who told me how her cat watched her play her drum, and then he began doing the same thing when she laid it down by banging it with his paw. She was blown away by this copy-cat demonstration.

I haven't tried to teach Anela any tricks, but my partner has. He gets her to stand up on her hind legs for treats, and that's about it. She's an old cat now and set in her ways...which brings me to the other link I stumbled upon: the world's oldest cat. He is ONLY 37 years old, but I guess that's really OLD for a cat. The photo shows that 37 is the new 17 (if you get my joke).

Here's the links:

Cats Can Do Tricks Video

World's Oldest Cat


TopChamp said...

i always thought cats were too cool to do tricks. Dixie is certainly too lazy!

Anonymous said...

I love the tricks! I wonder how long it took her to train him?

The 37 year-old cat is interesting too. My sister had a cat who lived to 19 and we thought that was old!

Gattina said...

37 years ! that's amazing my cats arrived only til 20 ! You can't teach tricks to a cat, you can only exploit what they do. Pookie for example brings little balls back but she did it from her own then you could develop this. The most famous cat trainer is a Russian and he arrives that his cats do amazing things in the Circus but he said that all what they can do was already a gift the cats had and he only told them how make a show out of it !
I had this Stumble thing, but didn't like it don't even remember why, it was at the very beginning.
We are sitting in the rain since 2 months now ! Awful !

Dragonheart said...

Oh yes, cats can certainly be taught to do tricks. We just usually can't be bothered. You have to find the right motivation.

37 is very old for a cat! Most cats are considered long-lived if they get to 20!

Puss-in-Boots said...

Hi Kuanyin

I think when we interact closely with our pets, they learn from us anyway. Oscar knew how to get me to play hide'n'seek with him and also to get me to throw his bouncy ball.

Cats are intuitive and I think when we become so close to an animal, they can relate intuitively with us...communication between species.

sir jorge said...

i get bored stumbling, because it seems that i've seen most if not all, but then i go back every now and again and see something new!

the thrill is what keeps me coming back

meeyauw said...

I have been on stumble for months and I just don't get it! But OK, I'm going to try again. Because you said so!

About cat tricks: this is the trick I want: no more dead mice on the steps, garage or back door yard. Only in a designated graveyard!