Thursday, July 26, 2007

Is Weight Gain Contagious?

I read a really interesting article in USA Today online. Here's a snippet from what was written:

"One person's obesity can significantly increase the chance that his or her friends, siblings and spouse also will become heavy, according to the first study done on how weight gain spreads through social networks. And if a person slims down, the people around him or her also may lose weight."

Read the rest of the article here.

Now what's weirder yet is that I've always suspected this to be true, even though this theory has never been proposed before now. My own weight fluctuations in my life as well as observing others was what gave me the heads-up. Even with three degrees of separation from friends and family and from a far geographic distance, the weight gain or loss of others makes an impact on one's weight IF ONE IS UNAWARE. Awareness is the key!


Steph said...

I never had a weight problem until I started dating a lady who was heavy. But I thought that was due to the way she overfed me.

Now I'm just post-menopausal.

Aaron said...

Very interesting - makes sense though. Now, we can blame our friends for not being skinny :)

Love the blog - from the content to the aesthics. And, I just voted for you on Best Health Blog on Blogger's Choice Awards.