Thursday, July 19, 2007

Link Love Thursday

Every week I am blown away by amazing blogs and websites which I like to give Link Love to here every Thursday, especially ones that feature stories about amazing people, alternative health, spirituality, ecology, and new energy. This week's treasure trove is a bumper crop of goodies.

First, I discovered (as did MANY other people by the stats!) the blog of a 19 year old Malawian Secondary Student, William Kamkwamba, an inspiring teenager who built a wind turbine from scrap materials and a book on electricity which now furnishes his small family and village with power. You can make contributions on his blog if you're moved to do so.

Check his blog out here.

Second, I stumbled onto an incredible Nature meditation site sponsored by Lime. Turn your music on, and imagine yourself in the forest surrounded by the beauty and sounds of our precious Earth.

Click here for this site.

Third and last, I decided to see what one of my first inspirational blog friends was up to as I hadn't visited his site in quite awhile. Was I ever surprised to see the new direction he's gone. He's created an impressive blog/newsletter about sustainable living called Lighter Footstep.

Check it out here.

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