Friday, July 13, 2007

Summer of Love Memories

Many long years ago my daughter and I had a reading with a famous psychic. And my daughter was told a wild story: that she had been a hippie in San Francisco during the famous Summer of Love where she had died from an overdose.

What was wild about this story is that my daughter ( born in 1975) for reasons unknown to me had in her youth an obsession for 60's music and especially the song, "When You Go to San Francisco, Be Sure to Wear A Flower in Your Hair". She is an authority on 60's music, began collecting it as a young girl, knows all the lyrics, names of musicians, etc. She knows way more than me about sixties music and sixties trivia.

We received chill bumps when we heard this information from the psychic. If there is truth to this, my daughter has certainly changed in this lifetime as she's not a druggie, smoker, or a drinker. She wanted to move to San Francisco, and she almost went to an art school there at one time. However, after she went for a visit, that was enough for her, and she realized she was complete with San Francisco.

In any event, the buzz is that the Summer of Love is rolling around again this summer. So she gets to experience another version of the S.O.L. How much fun is that?

On another note, I can't recall who gifted me this wonderful Schmoozer badge, but I love it! If you're reading this post and sent it to me, Mahalo Nui Loa! I will do my best to live up to using my Power of Schmooze!


Gen said...

As your daughter reading this blog, I reflect on m fascination with SF and the sixities growing up. Now, as an adult if I hear one of my favorite 60s anthem songs, I chuckle to myself and feel comforted my the music. It holds a near and dear place in my soul, and one I can't put my finger on.

Carlos said...

I do believe in these things, or better said, I do hope these things exist. It is always hard to prove but they are so unbelievably matching that you have to surrender to the fact. Yes, it is quite strange that a 1975 born child gets obsessed on the 60s. Some would say it is just a coincidence but I believe it. Thanks for sharing it. By the way kudos for the design of the page. As to your Google question in my comment: no, I don't think the links make the difference although they enrich content and content weighs for SEO purposes. You can send me an email I'll be glad to answer :)

Steph said...

What a story! I'm a firm believer in reincarnation.

I lived in the Haight with the father of my oldest son in 1969, two years after the Summer of Love. When he was only 22 --and our son was only 2-weeks old-- he died of a drug overdose. There was a lot of that going around.

Do I miss San Francisco? I miss the vibes that went down then among my friends and me, but by 1969 the streets were full of hypes and meth heads and the Haight-Ashbury® that the press created had taken over the love and acceptance that had been. By then the truly beautiful people had moved on to Colorado, Oregon and parts unknown.

I just found your blog. Great reading!