Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Tea Which Changed My Life

A number of years ago, I was suffering from low thyroid. However, when my Kaiser doctor tested me for this condition, my low thyroid didn't show up, and my Kaiser doctor refused to run the full panel of tests because she felt I would be wasting my money. With no assistance from this doctor, I instead went to an alternative doctor on Maui, a wonderful, caring, and thorough doctor. This doctor wasn't covered by my Kaiser insurance, but what are you going to do when you need help?

She ordered lots of tests for me and the full thyroid panel. I paid nearly $1,000 for all the tests--even with my Kaiser insurance. The test results showed exactly what I already suspected. My thyroid was out of whack! My body wasn't converting T4 to T3! Far from being unusual, my situation was, in fact, very normal--and something many medical doctors aren't acknowledging. This is why many women suffer!

She suggested taking pills from a compounding pharmacy, and I did so for many long months. I also kept track of my temperature and recorded my temperature many times a day which at that time was most often in the low 60's--and I was lucky if I got a reading of 97.2. Low temperature is one of the signs of hypothyroid problems. With increasing dosages of this medication, slowly my temperature readings showed a rise in my temperature.

However, this medication was super expensive! Every time I turned around, I was paying another $75 for a small bottle. One day I said to myself, there MUST be another way! Thus began my research on the net to find something which raised my temperature and would help my thyroid. I looked through lots of material until I found the answer to my prayer:

Ojibwa Tea of Life, also known as Essiac Tea.

There are lots of companies offering this tea on the net, but the one I finally selected felt 'right', and so I purchased their 4 oz. tincture which was very easy to use. All I did was drop some of this tincture into warm water, and I was good to go. After several months of drinking this tea, my thyroid stabilized, and now my temperature is in the normal range again several years later. As a matter of fact, I just took my temperature before writing this post, and I'm a perfect 98.6!

Here's what the Ojibwatea company writes

"Our products are pure, non-irradiated, organically grown and affordable. Essiac (pronounced "es-ee-ack") is an herb tea formula attributed to Canadian nurse Rene Caisse (reen-case) of Bracebridge Ontario, Canada. Rene claimed the essiac tea formula was given to her by a miner's wife who was seemingly cured of breast cancer by an herb recipe. These herbs were given to her by "a very old Indian medicine man"."

Take back your power from the doctors who don't help you, and help yourself!

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