Monday, August 06, 2007

Are There Super Beings?

Lately I've been drawn to research. Being a natural born investigator, researcher, and all-around-nosey-person, this 'research phase' I'm currently undergoing is exciting to me and pure bliss! I'm discovering puzzle pieces which relates to other pieces of information, so the pieces coming together are forming a grander perspective and understanding!

AND since I'm also an open-minded person, I venture into (quite often) strange territory on the WWW! You know how it link on a sidebar catches your eye or imagination, and you click on it....and then on this just clicked page, you discover something else which fascinates you and which then leads you into the GIANT, addictive WWW labyrinth. Hours, days, and weeks later, I find myself with lots and lots of notes, print-outs, links, and information of which I hope to piece together for One Simple Blog Post either here or on my other blogs. Oy Vey! I ask myself as I sift through all this material---where do I begin?

Today, I'm going to post something no matter how whacko it seems because this poor blog hasn't seen any action for the longest time, and readers are probably wondering where I disappeared to--and sad to say, I wasn't on some fabulous vacation to Ibiza or Tuscany. No, I've been on Maui all summer working on my research projects, and my only vacation has been into the WWW and research!

With that lengthy, apologetic preamble, here's my post:

Yesterday my partner and I went to see the new blockbuster film, the Bourne Ultimatum.

"The Bourne Ultimatum, the third film in the popular series based on the Robert Ludlum novels, took first place at the U.S. box office with receipts of $70.2 million. Not only was it the best opening in the Bourne series, but the movie had one of the best openings ever for Paramount." according to Portable Planet.

We thoroughly enjoyed it, even though we found some of the premises and action scenes highly unlikely. We've learned improbability is the norm for movie-making in American action movies--for the most part, you could poke holes in every plot, theme, or character from a-z. Thus, we put our picky, detail-oriented, and critical minds in our pockets when we enter the theater to watch such a movie. We attempt to focus on the positives and cheap thrills.

How does the Bourne Identity link-up to my research? I found a website which described the persona of a man who was the super spy and fabulous hero of a former time period in history. He was WAY more awesome than Bourne. He showed -up all over the world, and he dazzled the Courts and other famous people with his gifts. He was the superhero of his time before there were movies. Here's a brief description of him from this website:

"During the early part of the eighteenth century there appeared in the diplomatic circles of Europe the most baffling personality of history--a man whose life was so near a synonym of mystery that the enigma of his true identity was as insolvable to his contemporaries as it has been to later investigators. The Comte de St.-Germain was recognized as the outstanding scholar and linguist of his day. His versatile accomplishments extended from chemistry and history to poetry and music. He played several musical instruments with great skill and among his numerous compositions was a short opera. He was also an artist of rare ability and the remarkably luminous effects which he created on canvas are believed to have been the result of his mixing powdered mother-of-pearl with his pigments. He gained worldwide distinction for his ability to reproduce in his paintings the original luster of the precious stones appearing upon the costumes of his subjects. His linguistic proficiency verged on the supernatural. He spoke German, English, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, French with a Piedmontese accent, Greek, Latin, Sanskrit, Arabic, and Chinese with such fluency that in every land he visited he was accepted as a native. He was ambidextrous to such a degree that: he could write the same article with both hands simultaneously. When the two pieces of paper were afterwards placed together with a light behind them, the writing on one sheet exactly covered, letter for letter, the writing on the other.

As a historian, the Comte de St.-Germain possessed uncanny knowledge of every occurrence of the preceding two thousand years, and in his reminiscences he described in intimate detail events of previous centuries in which he had played important rôles. He assisted Mesmer in developing the theory of mesmerism, and in all probability was the actual discoverer of that science. His knowledge of chemistry was so profound that he could remove flaws from diamonds and other precious stones--a feat which he actually performed at the request of Louis XV in 1757. He was also recognized as an art critic without a peer and was often consulted regarding paintings accredited to the great masters. His claim to the possession of the fabled elixir of life was home witness to by Madame de Pompadour, who discovered, she declared, that he had presented a lady of the court with a certain priceless liquid which had had the effect of preserving her youthful vivacity and beauty for over twenty-five years beyond the normal term.

The startling accuracy of his prophetic utterances gained for him no small degree of fame. To Marie Antoinette he predicted the fall of the French monarchy, and he was also aware of the unhappy fate of the royal family years before the Revolution actually took place. The crowning evidence, however, of the Comte's genius was his penetrating grasp of the political situation of Europe and the consummate skill with which he parried the thrusts of his diplomatic adversaries. He was employed by a number of European governments, including the French, as a secret agent, and at all times bore credentials which gave him entrée to the most exclusive circles."

So there has has been an historical predecessor to the Bourne Identity's hero, Jason Bourne-- someone even more amazing!!! My question to you: Is there a desire for humans to create a super hero? Do we need to be thrilled by the exploits of super beings and heroes? Did the people of that age create a man of mystery, a hero of their time? Or are there really individuals who have magic abilities and defy logic? What do you think?

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Whoa. The comte was a vampire, maybe?