Monday, August 27, 2007

Five Ways I Turn Back The Clock

Having often been asked my secrets to looking youthful, I've decided to post today about my choices, mistakes, and solutions to turning back the clock. Notice I said the word 'choices' for I truly believe that we aren't totally ruled by our genetics or the stars although they do have some power in the equation of looking youthful.

1. Scientific tests have revealed that those who cut calories as they age have better hearts, better blood insulin levels, and fewer signs of damage to their DNA. My choice: Skip meals, go on periodic, cleansing fasts, and eat smaller portions.

2. I drink LOTS of water and green tea to keep my skin dewy and hydrated, and I often spritz my face with an aromatherapy rejuvenating mist.

3. For many years I've chosen to keep my face out of the sun, and thus, the wrinkles are few from sun and wind exposure. Since I have fair skin with freckles, I have to really watch my sun exposure living in the Hawaiian Islands. My wake-up call came when I had to have surgery to remove two skin cancers, one of which was right next to my nose and one right on my nose. I had tried all sorts of alternative products, but the cancer wasn't going away. My dermatologist scared the living daylights out of me one day when he told me I could possibly lose my nose if I didn't have this skin cancer surgically removed. I've been left with a small scar as a remembrance of my folly in delay.

4. I've made a choice to limit my alcohol intake because of health and vanity reasons. Having made the mistake from time to time of drinking too much alcohol, I could see the immediate results the next morning in the mirror which freaked me out. I also don't smoke or choose to be around someone who smokes because my complexion and health suffers. Both alcohol and cigarettes are almost as bad as the sun for promoting wrinkles.

5. Eating processed food, fast food, sodas, or milk products makes you age faster. Instead I choose to eat local fresh fruit, vegetables, and wild salmon. Eating this ways not only keeps my weight down but makes my eyes shiny and sparkling.

I received this wonderful award this week from Suzanne. Mahalo Nui Lo Suzanne!

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tom said...

K, well I haven't given up hope, infact tonight the drawing is for 250 million; I feel good about it Getting the "Nice " award from my lovely Hawaiian Friend may be a sign that I am on a winning streak..wish me luck...If I win I'll see you in Hawaii and you find out just how "Nice" I can be!! I bet you'd love a good Luau!!

Thanks for the award, I'll be busy over next couple days but I'll post about it soon!!

Sueblimely said...

Thanks so much for the award. My blog will 'wear' it proudly.
If you win Tom will you take me to Hawaii to see K too please :-) Good Luck.

Deborah said...

You're taking all of the right steps. I've read this as well in how these factors can save or age your skin. How scary to be told that by doctors! A wake-up call indeed!

Thanks so much for your award Kuanyin, you're too good to me :-)