Thursday, August 16, 2007

How To Maintain Your Stamina

Many people ask me how I accomplish so much--where do I get my energy? And I'm going to share with you some of what I tell others. My disclaimer: just as everyone else cycles through their own circadian rhythms, emotional issues, good days and bad, etc., so do I. There are some days, I don't get a lot done, and that's ok too. Pushing ourselves too hard has become an American way of life, and if you're pushing, you're not doing yourself any good. Energy should flow from a reservoir of good health.

One other point: I'm not associated with any specific companies, nor do I write Pay Per Posts. I'm not an affiliate, nor am I promoting one company over another. I'm constantly experimenting with new alternative products, and the ones I'm listing are simply the current ones I'm using.

With that said, here are the health products I'm using which sustain my energy:

Maca: good for stamina and energy, hormone balance, endocrine function, mental focus, and emotional balance. I prefer to use a maca product which is certified organic and in powdered form so I can stir it into juice.

Pure Brown Seaweed Extract: good for absorbing heavy metals and helps detox from lead, mercury, uranium, and strontium

Aloe Vera Juice: best made from 100% organically grown aloe vera leaves. and the benefits are too numerous too mention. Ancient civilizations considered the plant to be of the greatest value in healing.

Miracle II Neutralizer: truly a Miracle product. The high alkaline content helps tummy aches, heart-burn, and stress.

All Day Energy Greens: one of those green products with everything in it but the kitchen sink! One teaspoon added to drinks is all it takes to get your greens for the day.

Quantum Waters This is the only product I'm listing by company name because I know of no other company who makes the same kind of product. Maybe there are other companies, but I don't know about them. These quantum waters are subtle energy products, and I'm on my fourth week of their Four Step System. I've noticed a distinct improvement in my overall energy.

I also recommend wearing a product which protects you from electromagnetism, elf, etc. and to drink lots of organic green tea.


Amritbir Kaur said...

You have given very nice tips. They are the secrets of a good health. I too have heard a lot about aloe vera. This herb is an all-rounder, so to say.

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