Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Cats On Tuesday

Some people say pets resemble their owners. There is a website I've seen with photos of people with their pets right next to them that illustrate this point. Perhaps you've seen it? It's really quite amazing the similarities. I would add a corollary to this theory which is: our pets often reflect our state of health.

As some of you may know, I've been very ill for the last month, specifically the last two weeks which have been the worst. I've not been blogging very much, eating very much, barely talking, and have been trying to manage my health crisis. AND DURING THIS SAME TIME PERIOD, Anela has responded my turning her nose up at her morning breakfast of wet food--a breakfast which she usually gobbles down with zest. My partner has been concerned why she hasn't been eating her food! I know why. She's reflecting/mirroring back to me/us.

This morning was the first morning in several weeks in which I feel half-way normal. Breakthrough is happening. I'm feeling better. And guess what? Anela ate her whole breakfast bowl this morning! It was a sure sign to me that she/I are now on the mend.


Deana said...

Poor little thing...she is mirroring you. I certainly hope you continue to feel better. My dog and cats are bossy and people say I am too so maybe they do pick up our traits! I love the pictures that look so much like their owners.

Gattina said...

I am sorry to hear you have been sick and only now going a little better. I hope it hasn't been anything serious. With my five cats it's hard to say who behaves like me when I am not feeling well, but one thing is sure Pookie and Rosie they change their behaviour. Get well soon !!

Luna said...

I´m glad to hear , you are feeling a little bit better and hope you will be complete well soon.
If I have migraine, Luzie always comes to me to lie near me. But i don´t know if Luna shows another behave when I´m ill.
Get well soon !

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to hear that you have been unwell. But I am glad to hear that Anela and you are both feeling a bit more like yourselves today. I also believe that animals mirror us, or at least can sense our moods and general state of health. Get completely well soon!

Andrée said...

I agree. I'm glad you are getting back on your feet. It's been a long long haul for you. I've been sick only four days and every day all the cats slept with me: until today. Today they had a war in bed and nobody has been with me. Today is also the day that I have been up and about the most. They know I am better so they are off doing their cat-things now.

Basha said...

It is now time for you to say aloha to the ...whatever it was.!I am sure your immune system is working for you. Anela is of course" feeling "you.She wants you to be well so she can resume her activities ...or lack there of.Out here in San Diego we are surrounded by the fires, and Matthias and Lionel and I are inside due to the smoke. People have been amazing,as there have been many donations for people and their beloved pets.We have so far avoided the flames. It is very intense here. I know you are well dear friend. Basha