Thursday, November 29, 2007

Shine On With Solio

I often read the reports on the net about How To Prepare for this and that as well as news of power outages in various cities. And since I've got a bit of the Nancy Drew character in me and always attempt to be prepared for emergencies (thus, the stuff I haul around in my purse and car), I've wondered what would happen if a power outage happened for a long time? Our computers wouldn't work. Our cell phones couldn't be re-charged. Our GPS units wouldn't work! Same goes for PDA's, headphones, game consoles, and iPods. Not a good scenario all told.

Thus, I was eager to test out the Solio Hybrid 1000 which is a universal charger for electronic devices that stores power. "An internal rechargeable battery stores power for up to one year."

And for me--living on sunny Maui--I can plug my cell phone, computers, and other devices into Solio and charge them through the solar panel. Or I could charge it from a USB port if I wished. The Solio package comes with three charging tips, and a USB cable. If the tip you need isn't in the box, you can aquire it through Solio.

I'm very happy knowing I have a "back-up" with Solio....just in case! It's been working for me now, but I hope I never have to use in an emergency. However, the peace of mind knowing that I have it handy is priceless to me.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Cats On Tuesday--Anela and the Ants

In the tropics, bugs are abundant and often challenging if they invade your home. My partner detests bugs, ants, and spiders, so we have our home sprayed quite often by a company, both inside and out. And yet, the resilient ants always return--despite the ant traps and spraying.

The only wet food Anela gets served is for breakfast, and most often, she doesn't finish her bowl of food, so it attracts ants. If I haven't gotten to the bowl by morning, lots of ants are swarming it. I don't even know where these ants come from--it's as if they teleported into the bowl of cat food!

Anela likes variety, and so this breakfast bowl is often placed at different locations. She directs my partner to put it in these different places by her meows. And he follows her orders. So yesterday, he placed her bowl on her favorite rug, a thick, wool Tibetan rug with a double-dragon design. You might have noticed it in prior photos I've posted of Anela. This is the rug where she hangs-out and sleeps most often.

As I was whizzing by in the afternoon, I noticed Anela on her rug with her bowl of old breakfast food which was covered with tiny black ants. If I had a camera for the disgusted look she gave me at that moment, the photo would have been priceless. But Anela didn't even raise her head, she just laid there watching the ants eat her food. Of course, I grabbed the bowl and washed it as soon as I sized-up the situation. Bye-bye little ants! I don't like killing them, but whatcha gonna do?! And such is life with Anela and the ants.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Cats On Tuesday--Anela's Reaction

When I came home from the hospital recently, I was very groggy and full of pain pills. I imagine my energy body was totally out of whack. I crawled into bed, propped up. Anela walks into the room, takes one look at me in my frightful condition, and if I had a camera in my hand at that moment, I would have had the funniest photo in the world.

It's as if Anela's eyes grew HUGE like one of the LOL cats or cartoon cats. She stopped in her tracks and stared at me with these giant eyes. Then she ran out of the room as fast as if a ghost was chasing her!

During my early recovery period (I'm now knock-on-wood in my late recovery period!), she would avoid me! And I can't say I blame her. Yesterday was the FIRST day that she came around to hang out with me.

I was sitting at my altar in my bedroom where I meditate, pray, and count my blessings. My altar is a gorgeous two-tier built-in with candles, sculptures of Kuanyin, Tara, Mother Mary, Lakshmi, and others, chatchkas of all kinds, and beautiful framed paintings. As I sat there, I suddenly hear a quiet snuffle. I opened my eyes to see Anela lying peacefully beside me as she used to do when I meditated. She opened her eyes and this time her expression was one of peace and love. I cried because I was re-united with my best buddy.


On another note, I have joined a free site called Predictify where you can submit stories, predict outcomes, and earn money. If you're interested, here's the link to click to join up.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Healing Tools

While recovering from pneumonia and a pleural effusion procedure at our local hospital, I've been supporting my healing through bodywork, chiropractic, ayurvedic, herbal, and other modalities. One friend has me on her ZEB machine. Another is sending me Reiki healing, and so it goes. I feel all these tools are working together for my wellness.

Another great tool I've discovered that I've installed on my computer this past week is a very special radionics tool developed by Simeon of Spirit Heart Sanctuary. I'll let Simeon describe it in his own words from an email he sent me:

"I am calling this new category of offerings, "SpiritWare™ ~ software for the soul."

The first in this series is the Thoth Master Guardian v1.0. This is an actual computer program that runs a high-level radionics program through your computer's crystalline and gold circuitry and facilitates a stronger connection between your computer, you and your intentions, the space around your computer, and the streaming of Master Intelligence represented, in this case Thoth.

This is accomplished through the radionics program making an inter-dimensional connection to the Pymander Inner Earth Elohim computer. Additionally, in the SpiritWare™ Master Guardian program there are three different animations created using Maia's psionic energy art which are further attunements to the Master Being, in this case Thoth. In this version there is an animation of Thoth's mandala, his medallion, and his akashic portrait.

There are also personal settings in the program and you can program it with your own intentions and it remembers your intention and all your settings from one session to the next until you change them.

One of the very nice things about this is that the program is small in size, and has a transparent background, and stays on top of other programs while you work in them (unless you de-select that option)! So you can have Thoth sitting there looking at you (he even blinks) while you work complete with special Light FX and a Golden Ankh coming out of his third eye and a golden rainbow- aura emanating from his head periodically, and more, its really cool! :-)

There is a FREE TRIAL version available for download right now. I am also making this available at a special introductory price. The normal cost of this item is $33.33, but between now and the Full Moon on 11/24/07 I AM offering it for roughly 44% off which comes to $18.88.

You can read more about it, see screen shots and purchase or download the FREE TRIAL version here:

The more of these we have installed on computer systems around the world the stronger these Master Streams of consciousness become in the planetary etheric and electromagnetic fields! You know what this means."

Friday, November 09, 2007


Recently I suffered through an illness which ended up landing me in the hospital. I'm now out of the hospital and slowly recuperating at home. Through this challenging time, I have reflected upon the great importance of my cherished personal relationships, not only locally, but internationally. I have called upon my friends to help me through this time, and prayers and healing have been sent my way from all over the world.

The support I have received has been so nourishing for my soul. These connections mean so much to me, and I strongly believe these links are one of my most powerful healing and recovery tools. They're my LIFELINES! They matter more than anything, and I'm so grateful for each and every friendship I have.

If you're reading this and you're one of my connections, I wish to send you a HUGE HUG and Mahalo Nui Loa for your presence in my life! You're what makes my life bright and shining. You're my angels, and I Love You!