Thursday, November 29, 2007

Shine On With Solio

I often read the reports on the net about How To Prepare for this and that as well as news of power outages in various cities. And since I've got a bit of the Nancy Drew character in me and always attempt to be prepared for emergencies (thus, the stuff I haul around in my purse and car), I've wondered what would happen if a power outage happened for a long time? Our computers wouldn't work. Our cell phones couldn't be re-charged. Our GPS units wouldn't work! Same goes for PDA's, headphones, game consoles, and iPods. Not a good scenario all told.

Thus, I was eager to test out the Solio Hybrid 1000 which is a universal charger for electronic devices that stores power. "An internal rechargeable battery stores power for up to one year."

And for me--living on sunny Maui--I can plug my cell phone, computers, and other devices into Solio and charge them through the solar panel. Or I could charge it from a USB port if I wished. The Solio package comes with three charging tips, and a USB cable. If the tip you need isn't in the box, you can aquire it through Solio.

I'm very happy knowing I have a "back-up" with Solio....just in case! It's been working for me now, but I hope I never have to use in an emergency. However, the peace of mind knowing that I have it handy is priceless to me.

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