Thursday, December 20, 2007

Are You A Christmas Gift Procrastinator Too?

I didn't intend to be a PROCRASTINATOR this Christmas Holiday season, but that's what has happened. Even though I shop for Christmas gifts all year long, the illness which surprised and side-lined me this Autumn (and kept me slow for the ensuing three months) has thrown me way behind with purchasing Christmas gifts.

So I was delighted to discover there was a way to send a healthy gift basket through 1-800-flowers! Usually most gift baskets include an insane amount of sugar products in their gift baskets! If you've read some of my past posts on this blog, you will remember that I've totally gone off of food and drink with toxic sugar! And furthermore, my ethics require me to NOT send a gift basket with sugar-y products in it to others.

If you click under the topic Christmas on the 1-800-flowers website, you will see they offer a great selection of organic, natural, and healthy gift baskets. For example, the Treleela Organic Tea Experience (the photo is shown above). The site EVEN has the option to send fair-trade certified roses! How cool is that?!

I like it that such a big company is getting with the program of healthy, fair-trade, organic and natural!

So if you're a Christmas gift procrastinator like me, you NOW have the option of a fast, last-minute and healthy gift solution!

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ash33 said...

I think it's great that started offering healthy gift baskets! The organic fruit and gourmet tower looks so yummy!