Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Cats On Tuesday--Anela Shares Her Wisdom

Anela meditates frequently (as you can see in the photo above), and she has asked me to share some Wise Old Cat Wisdom:

1. Don't limit yourself! If you can manipulate treats out of both of your cat slaves at different times, go for it. Why not?!

2. Detach yourself from the battles of others. Let the other neighborhood cats fight if they wish. Serenity is achieved by remaining aloof from their squabbles.

3. Be Still and Observe. By remaining quiet, one can perceive more of the Big Picture.

Anela and Kuanyin wish ALL OF YOU a very Merry Christmas and Joyful Holiday Season!


Luna said...

That is great wisdom.That´s Cat wisdom. Yes I can see that!

We also wish you a "Merry Christmas"

Irishcoda said...

Those are some very wise sayings, Anela!

Mom Unplugged said...

We humans would be wise to remember Anela's wisdom in our daily lives also. Please continue with your enlightening meditations Anela! ("Anela for President?")

Happy Holidays to you too!

Gattina said...

When they are sitting there this way I always ask myself about what they are meditating ! This morning when I woke up I found Arthur besides me on his back with his four paws stretched to the ceiling. He looked like a stuffed cat ! So I started the day with a big laughter. Besides Rosie who flirts with the tinsel nobody cares about the tree !

Dragonheart said...

Anela, you are very wise. Humans could learn from us cats.

Dorothy said...

I like the wise saying about wrangling treats from both your humans at the same time. Gretchen does that all the time.

katztales said...

Do you think all cats are Buddhist maybe? Au certainly meditates a lot but I think his thoughts are rather pedestrian - like whats for dinner, and how do I get more ham out of my personal slaves???