Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas Without Sugar

This is the most wonderful time of the year for many people: Christmas. And what does this mean for most: SUGAR in the form of holiday drinks, cookies, pies, chocolates, candies, cakes, etc.

And this year will be my first year WITHOUT any sugar whatsoever! When I became sick this year, I changed my diet to an alkaline diet. Since sugar is acidic, out went all foods and drinks with sugar in them!

This wellness plan is working for me, and I'm feeling so much better without eating sugar. Plus the extra weight I've been carrying around is easily falling off me. I've dropped one size already.

Giving up sugar was easy for me since I had an obvious choice: good health or suffering! For many who don't have such clarity, giving up sugar isn't so easy, especially this time of the year when all the parties and events have sugar highlighted in some form or other.

Tomorrow I'll be attending a "cookie" party, and I've informed the hostess I don't eat sugar or drink alcohol, so she's assured me, she'll have something special for me. As the odd person out, it'll be interesting to see if I resonate with others who are getting high on sugar. :Smile:


Carlos Lorenzo said...

I am glad you are feeling better now dear Kuanyin. Health is the first thing we have to protect since the body is the house of our soul. I won't tell you how I feel when I think about Chrismas without sugar...or alcohol! but I am sure if I were to choose, on time, I wouldn't hesitate. I tried to visit your other site but my explorer refused to open it up, and surprise, firefox does. So, can I swear here?, good bye to bugging IE. To be sincere, I tried just a couple of times since the last visit so I am to blame too.

Genvieve said...

Christmas without sugar, now that is discipline!

Jeff Iversen said...

I have several entries in my blog concerning sugar. Sugar is responsible for a myriad of diseases as well as obesity. White bread, white rice, white bagels and white potatoes can also spike your blood sugar higher than sugar can. Google "Glycemic Index" or read my blog for more information.