Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Holy Days!

May your Holiday Season be healthy, joyful, peaceful, and LOVING!

Mahalo Nui Loa for your visits and comments this year--everyone of you is loved and appreciated!

I'm sharing the following quote which was sent to me because it really resonated with me and felt perfect for this blog. Perhaps it will resonate with you too!

"Your work is to create the new heaven and the new earth. Therefore do not dwell on the troubles and tribulations, on the disease and suffering, on the wars and strife in the world. Do not allow yourself to become involved in it, for if you do, you will become part of the disease not the cure. As you raise your consciousness, you become immunized against the trouble in the world, and you can live and work with it all about you and yet it will not be able to affect or touch you in any way. A doctor or nurse has to be immunized to be able to work freely with highly infectious diseases, and there must be no fear in them. Let there be no fear in you as you watch the situation in the world become worse. Never despair. Simply hold on in faith, let your mind be stayed on Me, and know that all is very, very well."

Source- "Opening Doors Within" by Eileen Caddy

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Carlos Lorenzo said...

Wise words. It is hard to attain such freedom of the mind to be above disease, pain and trouble in the world and not get affected but, yes, that should be the goal to a superior state of inner wellbeing. Happy New Year Kuanyin. Thanks for poking me every now and then :) You really know me!