Friday, December 28, 2007

This Week I.....

Opened and Gave Christmas Gifts

Prepared My Famous Sweet (no sugar!)Potato Dish (three of them) for a Christmas Day party--a very popular dish with my friends

Cleaned-up the after-Christmas mess around our home

Put Christmas photos in new Christmas frames

Made a pact with my partner for continuing our healthy eating plan

Been catching-up on snail mail correspondence and email

Organizing and cleaning-out old STUFF in preparation for the New Year

Reading a chapter or two in some of the new books I was given for Christmas

Updating my blogs so that I feel RELIEF on New Year's Day 2008

Making plans for my 2008 priorities

Enjoying the beautiful Maui weather--it's absolute perfection!

Making lists of places to travel in 2008 beside the ones already planned

Feeling GRATITUDE that I survived my viral pneumonia and pleurisy this year and that my great health and vigor is returning

Watching very little television because of the re-runs. Thank Goddess for Tyra and Oprah so I can still hold onto my last vice--watching tv!

Listening to firecrackers and rockets going off in the neighborhood. People are already ready to celebrate the New Year. 2007 was so rough for everyone I think.

Reading all the many online HEALTH newsletters that I signed up for when I became sick. Now I'm flooded with daily emails and newsletters, and I'm becoming even more knowledgeable about alternative medicine, anti-aging and health issues! I plan to share much of this information with you in future posts.

Catching a few good movies here and there on the Big Screen

And NOW I'm thanking you for reading my blog posts this year. You're the greatest!


katztales said...

Wishing you a happy, prosperous, lucky, healthy New Year!

Gattina said...

I wish you a very happy New Year and a good health !I hope you had a nice New Year's eve. My poor cats had a bad moment at midnight because of the fireworks and Arthur disappeared in my wardrobe !