Thursday, May 31, 2007

Link Love Thursday

Every week I discover amazing articles, blogs, and sites which fascinate and educate me, and I love to share them with you. Here are the blogs and sites for this week:

Bradford Keeney's Shaking Medicine

Karen Bishop's latest What's Up On Planet Earth

"The Brain: Malleable, Capable, Vulnerable"

How To Save The World

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Cats on Tuesday--Conversation about Feeding

This morning I overhead a funny conversation about Anela, our cat. My partner (male) and one of our house guests (also male) were sitting at the dining room table having breakfast as they discussed the best way to get Anela to eat her full morning breakfast. I sat at my computer, and to the best of my memory this is what I overheard two MALES say:

Partner: I don't know why Anela's not eating her full breakfast lately. She's leaving a lot of it.

Houseguest: Perhaps you shouldn't feed her so much.

Partner: I don't know how to get her to eat more.

Houseguest: Don't give her so much. Give her a little and put the rest in a baggie or a tupperware, then put it in the fridge,

Partner: She likes her food hot. I always add hot water the way she likes it.

Houseguest: Heat the food up in the microwave before serving it. It'll be hotter that way.

Partner: She likes it with water so it's mushy.

Houseguest: Add water to it after the microwave.

And on and on this conversation went with me ROFL!

ME: And they say men aren't nurturing! They certainly are, especially when it comes to being the devoted staff/servants of Ms. Anela!

Monday, May 28, 2007

BlogCatalog Bloggers for Good Fundraising Challenge

I'm participating in a special Blog Challenge sponsored by BlogCatalog to bring awareness to a wonderful organization, Donors Choose, a non-profit Web site that brings teachers and donors together to fund specific student projects.

Funds are much needed for these school projects so that children can experience everything the teachers envision for their students.

I like this challenge for several reasons. The number one reason was stated in the email from BlogCatalog: "...use your blog as a tool for good and set an example for others of the real value of online social communities."

Second, the projects these teachers are trying to raise funds for will make such a huge impact in the children's lives.

G= granting

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Eight Things About Me

Since the focus of this blog is about alternative health, life, death, and thriving (with a bit of "Anela Cat" thrown in for fun!), I will focus my "Eight Things About Me" tag from Over The Horizon on the subject of death.

The rules for this meme are:

"Each player posts eight random facts/habits about him/herself and then tags eight other bloggers to participate. In turn, the folks who are tagged write a post listing their own eight facts/habits, along with these rules, and then tag eight more people . . . and so on.

Each blogger must list the eight people they are tagging, and visit their sites, leaving a comment notifying them that they have been tagged and inviting them to read your entry."

1. The number 8 is interesting to me for this "8 random facts meme" because of this reason: in numerology the number 8 symbolizes death. If you lay the number 8 on its side, it represents the infinity sign which is what death really is-- merely a transition to a more expansive and INFINITE reality!

2. Death is a fascinating subject, and I have many books in my library exploring thanatology and perceptions of death.

3. I've experienced several Near Death Experiences during my life, and each time I've returned changed and more committed to my spiritual path.

4. The first time I experienced being 'out of body' was when I had my tonsils removed at age four. The anesthetic used on me is known to have the effect of propelling people out of their body, a product no longer in use. I heard the doctors and nurses talking to each other as I hovered over my body, and afterwards I told my Mother what they said.

5. When my Father died in the hospital, I held his feet. Being with him as he transitioned was an incredible experience, one that even now gives me goosebumps.

6. Many people are like the walking dead in that they've checked out of life because of a number of different reasons: trauma, sadness, grief, disappointment, disillusionment, etc.

7. Soul Retrieval is a valid method to recover the fragmented parts of ourselves which have left us due to the above reasons. Here's a link.

8. One of my favorite expressions for death is "Crossing Over The Rainbow Bridge".

Now I tag the following bloggers:

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Musings of an old man

Stumbling Through Life With Grace

Writer Cramps

Dating God

Graceful Presence

Deep Surface

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Cats on Tuesday--Anela's Party!

As I posted on last week's edition of Cats On Tuesday, Anela wanted a party, and did she ever get one! Our house guests arrived, and soon after checking everything out, they decided they should barbecue on our barely used barbecue. So they purchased steaks, and I made a big salad and other goodies, and a party was happening!

Anela has always been a seafood lover and turned her nose up at beef or chicken. HOWEVER, she surprised us when she began eating steak--lots of it! I don't know what got into her--she never eats steak! Is this why she wanted a party so she could score some steak? We'll probably never know, but she tells me she's very happy with our house guests. Who knows what else she has up her cat sleeves?! Wonders never cease. If she will eat steak, what else will she eat or do?

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Wordless Wednesday--Enlightenment

Anela has Magic in her Paws

Anela (the cat that owns us and whom I praise on posts every Tuesday on this blog) loves to have people visit us at our home. Is it because she's curious about others... or is it because others have a different energetic frequency... or maybe because they may want to fawn over her and pet her? I'm not for sure what really goes through cat mind. All I know from observation is that she is more mellow and seemingly happier when our home gets a lot of traffic.

Anela loves big parties--the more the better! We haven't had one in a long time, but this week she whispered to me she desired a big celebration party. I explained to her that there needs to be a 'reason' for a celebration, and right now there isn't a reason!

This explanation didn't shut her up though. She can be a very bossy 'nudge', and after many back and forth conversations, I gave her the bottom-line: if she can create a reason for a celebration with he cat magic, then we shall have a party! So I threw the ball back in her court.

I'll keep you informed if she follows through with her famous cat magic! It has something to do with her paws!

Want to learn more about cat magic? Click here.

Here are two more great links if you'd like to add tags to your cat pictures:

Meme Cats


If you'd like to read more cat bloggers and cats blog, then click on the links on the sidebar. Cat bloggers/cats are some of funniest posts you'll ever read! Begun by Gattina of Belgium, this meme happens every Tuesday!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Three Things I Love Meme

I was tagged by Mauro of 1 Million Love Messages
to list the "3 Things You Love" relative to the following subjects, and so here goes:

1. 3 Things I love about my Significant Other is his generosity, kindness, and loyalty.
2. 3 Things I love in a friend are a great sense of humor, sweet nature, and loyalty.
3. 3 Things I love in a book are solid information, creativity, and excellent editing.
4. 3 Things I love in a movie are inspiration, beauty, and awe.
5. 3 Things I love in a blog are information, humor, and inspiration.
6. 3 Things I love to talk about are spiritual subjects, love, and true angel stories.
7. 3 Things I love to do on vacations are explore, relax, and meet new people.
8. 3 Things I love to eat are organic salads, goat cheese, and chilled, ripe mangoes from our tree.
9. 3 Things I love to happen in my life are love shared between friends, blessings for the world and people, and freedom from stress, limitation, and lack for everyone.
10. 3 Things I love in 1 Million Love Messages are enthusiasm, passion, and motivation.

I'm now tagging:

Hippie Spelunker
Shiok Culture
Flatland Almanack

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Link Love Thursday

As I mentioned in last Thursday's post, I'm dedicating every Thursday for Linky-Love and posting links to articles, blogs, and websites that deserve highlighting with the subject matter of life, death, thriving and alternative health--the primary subjects of this blog!

Here are this weeks choices:

Madeleine McCann disappeared while on holiday in the Agarve, and as far as I know, she still hasn't been found. Read about Maddie's story here.

One Simple Act is a website which will assist you in remembering to appreciate others.

When it comes that time to speak at a memorial, many are still so saddened and grieving that they need help writing a eulogy. This site will help them by giving them examples of eulogies.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Wordless Wednesday--Reclining Buddha

Many time I've been asked if I take all the photos posted here and on my other blogs, and the answer is ABSOLUTELY!

Monday, May 07, 2007

Cats On Tuesday--The Life of Riley

I'm sure by now you recognize Anela on HER rug, her favorite place to relax in the afternoon and evening when she's not running around socializing and whooping it up and whatever else she does when we're busy.

I found this funny cat quote, and I'd like to share it with you:

"Anybody who doesn't know what soap tastes like never washed a cat." Franklin P. Jones

This quote got me to thinking....isn't it time I brave the "Cat Bath Ritual"? Or maybe I should send her off to get her teeth cleaned, a nice bath, toenails clipped and let someone else taste soap. I really don't like the taste of soap, not that I've tasted it very often in my life, for Anela has a hypnotic way of making me forget about a cat bath. In any event, she looks clean enough, right? See, she did it again!

Friday, May 04, 2007

This time Scotty got Beamed Up!

Probably the most famous command from the television series 'Star Trek' is, "Scotty, beam me up!" This is what happened to the ashes of the actor James Doohan--they were beamed up by rocket into space! Doohan portrayed the engineer Scotty on 'Star Trek', and his ashes were launched into space on a private rocket along with those of Astronaut Gordon Cooper and 200 others from Spaceport America, a commercial spaceport in New Mexico.

To read the full article, click here.

Is this way of disposing the ashes of your loved ones going to be easily available to the common man? Apparently so...and by the year 2009 cremated ashes will be launched frequently. The current price for a single gram of ash is $495, but some sources state $600. Will the price rise or fall by 2009? It all depends upon how desirable the 'final frontier' is for cremated ashes. Unfortunately, the rocket carrying the ashes came back to Earth since this flight of ashes and CD with more than 11,000 condolences and fan notes was only suborbital. At least, James Doohan finally flew in space and participated in the first successful launch from Spaceport America.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Links -Love Thursday

Photo: terragalleria

I've decided every Thursday I will post links to interesting online articles, websites, or blogs about climate change, ecology, alternative health, life, death, green subjects, great products and spirituality.

Here are the links I've chosen to share with you today:

'Deal struck' at UN climate talks

Earth Portal launches

Vitamin D Research


Feeling Warmth, Subtropical Plants Move North

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Wordless Wednesday--Sphinx

Cats on Tuesday--Cat Hearing

Do you notice Anela's ear is back on one side? She is listening to something. I can always tell when one ear moves back a notch. Cats ears are very sensitive, and they hear more than us pitiful humans will ever hear!

"The cat has a nervous ear which turns this way and that. And what the cat may hear is known only to the cat." David Morton

I took this photo of Anela on her favorite carpet and her favorite spot--directly behind my computer chair. Anela is my muse! She likes to place herself here when I'm writing, and her presence gives me inspiration and joy. As the slang expression goes, she's "got my back!"

For more cat stories, look over to the sidebar and read their weekly cat updates.