Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Cats On Tuesday--Just The Two of Us

My partner has been away from home attending the BCS Championship Game in New Orleans, and after he left, the relationship dynamic with Anela and me changed. It's so amusing to me to watch her step up to the plate and act like my 'buddy' once again!

Here's some of the behavioral changes she's made in the days he's been away:

no longer meowing...errr demanding treats
hanging around me more
sleeping with me instead of in her own bedroom
more relaxed
AND funniest of all, she has been sleeping at night on my altar chair in my bedroom! You can see her curled up here in the photo above. She has never slept there before in all the years!

It'll be very interesting to observe how she behaves when he returns. I suspect she'll return to her old manipulative methods. However, I rather like the way she's been behaving, and I'd prefer my buddy Anela to remain!


Luna said...

That is interesting to read. Don´t know what a cat thinks but they think more as we know.
Have a nice day !

Gattina said...

Maybe she wants to take care of you and comfort you, that would be typical cat they can sometimes behave like little mothers especially also when you are sick.
I don't know if I wished you a happy New Year but I prefer to do it twice then not at all, lol ! And the most important thing a good health for 2008 !

Tink said...

I hope buddy Anela will stay. She looks so cute on that chair!
Thanks for visiting my COT.

Anonymous said...

Wait a moment... Yes! I am receiving a message...Anela is purring and has let it be known ,she loves the calm energy in the home... yes ,it will be interesing to see how she responds when the energy shifts once again,sigh... rubs and purrs. Basha

TorAa said...

Anna tells me our Cats do the same when I'm away.... Why do they beahve like this? Interesting question

Deana said...

I think that is so sweet, she is trying to be make friends and take good care of you until your partner returns! Anela sounds like a good cat to have in your home!

Anonymous said...

How interesting about the family dynamics. It's not just people that are involved in all that, but pets too.

Please let us know what happens when your partner returns. I hope the sweet Anela stays!

Happy New Year!

catsynth said...

Yes, it is great to have a cat that steps up to "care" for you. We hope it lasts!

Dragonheart & Merlin said...

It is very sweet that your behaviour has changed, Anela. You look very comfortable in that photo.

cube said...

Cats can be quite the opportunists.