Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Gift of Knowledge

Since I'm a 'book-aholic', one of the gifts you can never go wrong giving me is a book. I treasure books and have a large library! The new high-tech 'reader' gadgets for sale don't interest me at all because I love the feel of a honest-to-god book in my hands.

And so I get the gifts of books frequently...and this Christmas (once again), my partner gifted me with lots of books. I've been slowly nibbling my way through this new pile, and the book I'm relishing right now is "Life After Death" with the subtitle "The Burden of Proof" by Deepak Chopra.

I have many books on death, and I'm interested in the subject of death even though I feel the word death is really a misnomer. Death is merely a change in address, but very few know what the forwarding address is.

Many people aren't interested in reading about death. They find the subject too morbid or gruesome, but I find so-called 'death' a fascinating riddle.

It was at my grandmother's funeral where I witnessed everyone weeping over her death that I first realized I didn't view death the way others did. I thought it was so funny that people were crying because I could see Grandma walking around the room. I came down with a fit of the giggles which disrupted others and caused my Mother to angrily pull me out of the funeral parlor. I couldn't make her understand why I was giggling.

I'm a big fan of the work of Deepak Chopra, and his skill at weaving complex ideas together by bridging science and ancient wisdom is masterful. This book doesn't disappoint me.

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Gen said...

Thanks for the blog, I want to read these books, I am also very interested in this subject. In fact, I feel it is very important and something I have not seen to much emphasis on ( people dont like to think of it). But I think it is a subject more people may need education on esp. grief counseling in a new light!