Thursday, January 10, 2008

Potatoes Before Bed?

Recently one of the readers of this blog, Cheryl from Scotland, wrote me an email and sent a link within it which interested me. Cheryl is a Sugar Sensitive as I am, and she had found a website called Radiant Recovery about sugar sensitivity.

I ordered the book "Potatoes Not Prozac" mentioned on this site written by author, Kathleen DesMaisons. This is a snip of the bio on site about Kathleen:

"Dr. DesMaisons has authored the international best seller, Potatoes Not Prozac and a number of other books including The Sugar Addict’s Total Recovery Program, Your Last Diet, Your Body Speaks, Little Sugar Addicts and Radiant Recipes. She has developed a highly active web community at that maintains more than 100 email support lists, a community forum with more than a half a million messages and serves thousands daily online."

Since I was well on my way with giving up my sugar addiction, I decided to begin the potato before bed program mentioned on the website even before the book arrived here! :Smile:

I printed out the instructions from the site, read them to my partner, and began last night with two small delicious baked Yukon gold potatoes! My partner ate his with nothing on it, but I added butter, salt, and pepper.

I had no problem convincing my partner to experiment with a potato before bed because he's an Irishman, and he absolutely LOVES potatoes. Plus Kathleen mentions so many benefits such as making you feel "more confident, competent, creative and optimistic".

In the online article, she states, "If you find that you are having wild dreams on the nights you have your potato, this is a clue that you have low serotonin".

And that's exactly what my partner reported to me this morning! Very interesting!! I'll keep you updated on our potato program in future posts. It has been said that happiness is an inside job, and I feel this nightly potato snack might very well contribute to more happiness.


Gen said...

I will try this

Anonymous said...

I find this fascinating because I can't imagine life without sugar. I don't drink or smoke but for years I battled with an eating disorder. Now I will quite happily forgo proper food in favor of eating just sweet things and often live on nothing but sugar and vitamin pills. I know it is very bad and I am concerned about becoming diabetic. I have read that if you go cold turkey and eat no sugar at all for two weeks, afterwards sugar tastes awful and you have no longing for it. Is this true?

Cherrita said...

Interesting books.
Congratulations for your blog.