Friday, January 18, 2008

Rolled Oats For Breakfast

I grew up eating oatmeal for breakfast. My grandfather often cooked it for me, and he added lots of raisins to it which made it extra yummy for me. Now much later in my life, I'm back to eating oatmeal again, but this time it's my partner cooking it for me!

My partner's been eating oatmeal for breakfast for a long time, and his oatmeal always smells so good--with the smell bringing back many lovely childhood memories. His choice for oatmeal is a brand from our local health food store: Bob's Red Mill Extra Thick Rolled Oats. The claim on the package about the oats is "....freshly milled from the highest quality oats grown in the Great Northwest--some of the best oat-growing country in the whole United States! These oats are rolled extra thick to give more "bite and texture" to your breakfast."

I don't know about the bite or texture because I have nothing to compare them to but my childhood oatmeal, but I can say this: with a banana on top, this oatmeal breakfast sustains my energy until lunchtime with no energy dip mid-morning.

But that's not the reason I began eating oatmeal again. I began because of the warning about my fairly high cholesterol from my doctor. My doc wanted me to lower my cholesterol and oatmeal is famous for doing this trick. And I just read a news article on the net about HOW very good oatmeal is at lowering cholesterol.

Click HERE for the article. I can't wait to see how low my cholesterol will be next time I get my blood tests. My low cholesterol is going to blow my doctor's mind.

Of course, I'm doing more than merely eating oatmeal to lower my cholesterol, but that's another post with more details.

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