Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Cats On Tuesday--Anela Grooms Herself

Anela most likely devotes about a third of her waking day to grooming herself. Every time she eats, she immediately begins licking herself--she is fastidious as are so many cats.

The theory behind cats cleaning themselves is that their saliva contains a deodorizing substance. Did you also know that grooming also offers other benefits? Besides the removal of dead hair and skin, the grooming tones up muscles and stimulates blood circulation.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Cats On Tuesday--Cat Mysteries

Cats are mysterious creatures. They see more and know more than us humans. It's always fascinating for me to observe my cat Anela, for she seems to be more aware of invisible energies.

For instance, very often I'll be talking to a friend or family member, and Anela will walk in the room. She will turn her head around and gaze at the door she just walked in, and then her eyes will follow an invisible-to-us something or someone around the room. She won't move, but her intense, focused gaze tells us that she's watching something. She doesn't seem scared or nervous--just interested. We say to ourselves that Anela must be seeing a ghost!

The other night she decided that she wanted to go out of our FRONT door THREE times in the course of the evening....and this is something she never demands as she has a cat door which she uses. BUT there was SOMETHING outside--another mystery! Oh I wish I could get into her head and see and know what she does! Wouldn't it be wonderful to know what cats TRULY think, feel, and like?

As for me, if I were a cat, I'd like one of these custom things called Cat Holes. They look really fun and hard for any dog to enter. I would feel really special.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

With Valentine's Day On My Mind

I know lots of 'chocoholics', and they make every day a Valentine's Day. They share their favorite chocolates ONLY with their best buddies, and they are always in the know about chocolate. Here's a test to see if you qualify to be a chocoholic--click here.

Even though in the past I've scarfed and appreciated great chocolate with the chocoholics, I'm not one of them, and every Valentine's Day I remind my partner NOT to buy me any chocolate-- especially now that I'm not eating sugar! I don't want any temptations lurking around.

With that said, I found Grist's listing the BEST fair trade chocolates, and so I'm offering this link to you. If you MUST do chocolate, why not do it right? The conditions for chocolate workers are disgusting--think child labor! So why not eat eco-chocolate if you must!

Hint for Basha: Trader Joe's is on the list!

Click here for the list of SIX eco chocolates and their rating by Grist.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Cats On Tuesday--Cat Purrs

Anela Cat isn't the most 'purring' cat I've ever been partnered with. However, I do my best to get her to purr, and for the most part, I succeed. I like to hear a cat purr, but I never knew why until I read a blog post recently. The title of the post was, "Is Your Cat's Purr Healing Her--and You?". You can click here to read the entire post.

Now I know there is another great reason to add a cat to your family. Not only do they chase away ghosts, warn their people of earthquakes and other such things, but they also heal you with their purrs. Let's hear it for cats! Applause!

Anela Cat is taking a break from cat blogging today and has returned to cat dozing. She sends contented purrs to all the other cats on Cats On Tuesday.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Cats on Tuesday--The Way I Like It

Anela here. Since I received such a warm response as a Cat Blogger last week, my Lady told me to go for it again. So here I am blogging, and my subject this week is titled, "The Way I Like It".

My Lady knows exactly how to massage me. I'm not some pansy cat. I like it rough. She gives me a massage that is purrrr-fect because she is rough with me. She digs her nails into my skin just hard enough so that it feels scratchy and rubs my fur hard, especially around the back of my neck and shoulders. She has learned that I don't like soft pats or tickles, although on occasion I'll let her mess with my ears--very gently because they're so sensitive.

I also like her to throw parties or have people come over for a visit. Then I listen in to all the stories of the Big World out there and hear all the juicy gossip. My Lady and My Number One Cat Slave (her partner) love to laugh, and their laughter makes me very, very happy. Their guests usually like to laugh too, so there is a real party animal vibe if you know what I mean. And the best part is that everyone pays attention to ME. That's the Way I Like It!

Loving purrs go out to my lovely friend Basha who rescued me a long, long time ago and then gave me to my Lady. I heard one of Basha's cats, Oscar, was very sick and had to be put to sleep which made Basha cry. If I was visiting you, Basha, I would cuddle up to you and comfort you.