Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Cats On Tuesday--Cat Mysteries

Cats are mysterious creatures. They see more and know more than us humans. It's always fascinating for me to observe my cat Anela, for she seems to be more aware of invisible energies.

For instance, very often I'll be talking to a friend or family member, and Anela will walk in the room. She will turn her head around and gaze at the door she just walked in, and then her eyes will follow an invisible-to-us something or someone around the room. She won't move, but her intense, focused gaze tells us that she's watching something. She doesn't seem scared or nervous--just interested. We say to ourselves that Anela must be seeing a ghost!

The other night she decided that she wanted to go out of our FRONT door THREE times in the course of the evening....and this is something she never demands as she has a cat door which she uses. BUT there was SOMETHING outside--another mystery! Oh I wish I could get into her head and see and know what she does! Wouldn't it be wonderful to know what cats TRULY think, feel, and like?

As for me, if I were a cat, I'd like one of these custom things called Cat Holes. They look really fun and hard for any dog to enter. I would feel really special.


Anonymous said...

o.k.then get her a hole of her very own.and Matthias does the same thing ,looking behind me, as if he were looking at a being of some kind,or perhaps my cats LIONEL or pogo kitty who have come back from the cat dimenson for a visit. Thank you so much for the picture of that chocolate cake,now I must have some.hugs and purrs,Basha

Jewelgirl said...

Thanks for your comment on
Spooky, he's a great cat!
I'll be back for more COT!

Gattina said...

I also wonder what my cats think, except ol' Lisa she only thinks about food and sleeping but she has an excuse she is 17 years old.

catsynth said...

Thanks for stopping by today.

I noticed your profile says you're from Hawai'i - I just did a post about Hawai'i as part of my series following the elections. Not strictly cat related, but still fun :)

Luna said...

Yes, that´s all mysterious. Our cats do that sometimes between the outside and the inside. There is nothing to see but they are standing there and staring to nothing and I´m feeling strange.
We never find it out what cats think.

Dragonheart & Merlin said...

Anela, we often stare at the ceiling, and our humans wonder what we're looking at!

Those cat holes look interesting. We're not sure if we'd like the brushes though - they might not feel so good against our bare skin.

Andrée said...

I'd love to have one of those cat doors. But too many wild animals could get in! Hope you are able to get one. My COT is here, thank you.

Anonymous said...

We use a cat flap to get outside and in, and also to get to the garage. We have not seen any ghosts here.

Sometimes we see tiny no-see-um flies. Do they have those in HI? 'Cause Mom said she's be glad to come visit and make sure your house is safe. Aloha ;-)