Wednesday, February 13, 2008

With Valentine's Day On My Mind

I know lots of 'chocoholics', and they make every day a Valentine's Day. They share their favorite chocolates ONLY with their best buddies, and they are always in the know about chocolate. Here's a test to see if you qualify to be a chocoholic--click here.

Even though in the past I've scarfed and appreciated great chocolate with the chocoholics, I'm not one of them, and every Valentine's Day I remind my partner NOT to buy me any chocolate-- especially now that I'm not eating sugar! I don't want any temptations lurking around.

With that said, I found Grist's listing the BEST fair trade chocolates, and so I'm offering this link to you. If you MUST do chocolate, why not do it right? The conditions for chocolate workers are disgusting--think child labor! So why not eat eco-chocolate if you must!

Hint for Basha: Trader Joe's is on the list!

Click here for the list of SIX eco chocolates and their rating by Grist.

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