Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Cats On Tuesday--Cat Treats

When it comes to cat treats, Temptations brand wins hands down with Anela as this brand is clearly her favorite. I wonder what they put in this treat which makes it so much more popular than the other cat treats? It's really hard to locate Temptations because it's so popular with so many cats, and if I see it stocked in a store, I buy many packages to stock up with. I don't buy ALL the packages because that wouldn't be fair to other cats.

Yesterday I went to buy MORE of Anela's favorite cat treats, but the local drugstore was all out of them, so I bought her second favorite kind, Greenies.

I know exactly what is her third, fourth, and fifth favorite by experimentation through the years, and I know what she will turn her nose up and walk away from too!

My partner and I are concerned if there was ever a shortage of cat treats because of a shipping problem to Maui. Anela would freak out! And she would loudly meow and meow at her scheduled "cocktail hour" for treats, and we would be unable to shut her up. How could we explain to her the Big Picture?

A freaked-out, spoiled, demanding cat is one of those end-of-the-world scenarios most writers don't include in their description, but trust me, it would be the tipping point for sanity in our household.


Anonymous said...

We know exatly what you mean. Remember the cat food scare? Mom was terrified our dry food would turn up on the list because it's the only food Grayson will eat. No other dry, not human food. Not even chicken!!

OK, he'll make an exception for Whipped Cream, but that's all.

Luna said...

Now we also know the Temptations. Here in Germany they call it "Dreamies" our older son(16) tried the taste it one day :-) and he says it tastes salty. Is that the secret ?!? I never taste cat treats and i think you have not done that too. So we don´t know what the secret is.
Luna´s favorite game is it when I throw the treats and she can catch it.
Happy Tuesday!

Criz Lai said...

This is so true on their taste bud.My kitties are quite choosy as food is concern. I fed them kitten Friskies but they preferred their Mum's adult Friskies more. The Mum Jess on the other hand preferred the kittens' food. I'm in lost for words now.. haha.

TorAa said...

It's remarkable how sensitive cats are to different brands. So are ours. But suddenly, they change their taste, and that causes problems and protests from the Cats: Hi, don't you understand, we want change? They scrape on the floor, that's the first sign to buy something new.

Great post.

PS. I have some Catfacts today.

Irishcoda said...

I'd sure like to know the secret of Temptations, too, and I sure wish they came in bigger bags--we have 6 addicted kitties!

Thanks so much for your comment about the little slide show I made for Cats on Tuesday. It was pretty easy because I used a program called Windows Movie Maker. It was in with the accessories of my windows program.
It's a drag & drop program and you can use pictures and video clips, audio, and there's transitions/credits/etc that you can add to make the movie more fun to watch. Check and see, maybe you've got the program too.

And when you've done making it, you save it as a video file and then upload it to Blogger...that's why you see their logo.

Have a great rest of the evening! :)

Andrée said...

We have the same trouble here in the remote woods of Vermont! But I'm not as nice as you: if the store has them? I take 'em! And my daughter went to visit her sisters in Connecticut this weekend and brought back lots of greenies! So I am set for quite awhile.

PS: My bad guys are just as mean after their temptations as before. It don't work!!

My COT is here. Thank you.

Jewelgirl said...

Those kitty treats smell so
bad to us, but they gobble
them up.
My cats are willing to open the
cupboard and crawl in the cup-
board to get to them. When you
find out "the secret" about the treats please let me know!

Gattina said...

That's true cats are sooo difficult with food. Pookie is the only one who eats dry food the others not. Rosie and Arthur occasionally probably to clean their teeth. Catnips nobody wants. As treats I have little sticks but that too only Rosie eats.
BTW Lisa can go out whenever she wants we have a catflap no need of leashes here, lol ! I think I would be a curiosity to look at if ever I would walk a cat on a leash ! That's completely unusual here in Europe and I have never seen it ! Ferrets yes, but never cats.