Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Cats On Tuesday

If you've noticed that I haven't updated this blog in awhile, it's because I've had a BAD case of Spring Fever and have found myself avoiding the computer for the most part. However, Queenie (better known as Anela The Boss Lady) told me I couldn't forget HER day--the Cats on Tuesday day created by Gattina! So here I am posting again on COT despite the fact that I'm eager to be outside on Maui on another gorgeous Spring day!

Many of our cats have it sooo good. They have delicious food and treats given to them....they sleep most of the time when they're not having fun playing with toys or other cats...zero taxes or bills to pay....and they have devoted cat slaves at their beck and call. Cats aren't expected to guard your property like dogs., and they have zero obligations or duties. All cats have to do is be themselves. What many people wouldn't do to experience such a splendid existence!

By the way Anela barks her orders, methinks she might have been a dog in her last lifetime. She probably got fed up with being a dog and decided cats have the easier existence!!


Dorothy said...

If it spring here I'd abandoned the computer for awhile, too.

I used to live in Kailua Oahu or about 4 years. I went to school in Laie for a while, too. I miss that place.

TorAa said...

How you do describe your cats, I could not have done better.
It seems they are very well aware of what they do, where and when.

Lately, I've worked much from my home office. What do our cats then. Relaxe, what else. Around 1 pm, they enter my home office, and give their sounds and body signals: Lunch.

These small, wondeful creatures are really wise.

thanks for sharing

Mom Unplugged said...

That is so true about cats. I have always thought that when I die, I might like to be reincarnated as a cat in a good home. Perhaps as one of my cats! Can one be reincarnated as one's own cat? Probably not, in which case I would choose to become the cat of any of the Cats on Tuesday people!

Gattina said...

Hope you spring around like a young horse again ! It's so true what you say about cats I have decided to come back on earth as a cat and live with people like me !
I also think of people who spend a fortune to learn being themselves !