Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Cats On Tuesday

Anela is once again happy as we've settled back into our routines, and so I don't have much of excitement to share with you about her. Life is GOOD!

However, I'd love to share this cool item I discovered online. It's for refined, discriminating cats such as Anela, aka Queenie. I think I might possibly have found a way for her to get interested in my blogging and computer world which she has always disdained.

This item is called Kit-In Box--basically a cat perch near your computer which allows your cat to watch what you're doing and to correct you if you're making mistakes or whatever else you're probably doing not to their liking.

Click here for the link.


Tink said...

What an excellent idea! That would have come in handy before. At the moment I have a computerdesk with enough space on top to look down at what I'm doing! :-)

andrée said...

Now that's a perfect new product (they just need to make it bigger, or in different sizes)! I have to put cat beds on the kitchen counter and on the tables on which I compute or else they are sitting on me! Excellent post!!

katztales said...

A perch huh? Interesting idea. Target just lies on my desk. And if it's got too much stuff on it, he throws that to the floor!

Gattina said...

After having laughed like a mad, I am now convinced it is a very nice invention ! I should ask my man to built me one, but he became very lazy for those things since a veeeery long time !
I am sorting out my pictures of my roundtrip through Greece and then write a post on my travel post.

Dragonheart & Merlin said...

Interesting perch, but we much prefer sitting on our mom's lap when she's on the computer (she has her chair at an angle to the desk, so we can fit on her lap).

Gen said...

WOW there are sooo many different type of products for cats!