Friday, May 23, 2008

Link Love Friday

Many of you may have wondered where I've been, and I've been busy reading and collecting links to great ecology, green, and health blogs and sites. Today I want to share some of my linky love with some of the ecology and green sites I've discovered plus a video from Viropop.

I subscribe to most of these, so you can imagine the reading that comes my way every week!

Here are some of my fav's:

Ideal Bite


Eco Salon

Earth 911


Earth Cinema Circle



Gen said...

I loved the little green video!

Anita said...

Hi there,
I missed you. I do love all the articles you have written already. My son was recently in Berlin and was able to see the Dali Lama when he was there. I'm inspired by the beautiful banner he brought me from the event.