Monday, June 30, 2008

Cats On Tuesday--Anela Sees The Invisible World

Don't you love it how your cat(s) alert you to energies--or perhaps ghosts or other invisible beings--visiting your home? Recently Anela pointed out the visit of one of these to our home, and she made sure my partner and I noticed where her eyes were going!

She followed this 'energy' around our home with her gaze, and we watched her and said, "Oh yeh! Mahalo Nui Loa (thank you in Hawaiian) Ms. Anela."

I call Anela my Cat Guard, for she protects this property with her very essence. I've posed her here in this photo like someone would post a photo of Watch Dog! Heh heh!


Jewelgirl said...

I think cats have special talents,
their hearing alone is an amazing
sense, they seem to hear/know things
before their humans do!

Luna said...

Yes cats can be very special. They feel a thunderstorm long before it starts and if i have migraine, they sit near my bed or on my bed until I feel better.
That´s one reason why humans love cats or hate them.

Tink said...

Anela looks great guarding her house! Cats are great watch dogs... eh... cats!

katztales said...

i would like to think my two have spiritual and special sight - but i'm afraid they're more interested in bugs :-)