Monday, June 23, 2008

Cats On Tuesday--When Anela Was A Baby

Recently I received a card in the mail from Basha who was the human who had adopted Anela as a baby. Basha then brought Anela to me with a giant bow around her, and even though I hadn't planned on adopting another cat, Anela was so tiny and cute and adorable, how could I refuse?

Now I've been owned by Anela for way too many years to count.

The top photo with Anela and a beer bottle was the one which arrived in the card and was taken by Basha when she and Anela were drinking a bit of brew perhaps. The VERY next day I stumbled onto another old photo of Anela which Basha had given to me ages ago and which I had forgotten even existed. This one shows Anela showing up at Basha's home from the Maui Humane Society. These photos are so precious to me!

Do you cherish the baby photos of your cats too?


Gattina said...

She was a real cute kitten ! It's a pity it goes by so fast. My little Rosie is already one year old, but she remained a small cat. Are you sure that Anela is not of Belgian origin ? because of the beer I mean, lol!
Here it is now Tuesday morning so it's nice you post early !

Deana said...

Oh yes. I somehow lost Calista's set of baby photos in the move to here. I can find Darius but not the pack with her young ones. Only after she is about 6 months old. I wish I could see her tiny again. And I really wish they had digital back then because I would have thousands of each.

Criz Lai said...

My J family kitties are almost 6 months old but they behaved just like kids. Now with the 3 days old twins, I'm getting more headaches. :P

Anonymous said...

It is so wonderful to see the pictures of Anela. Those were the days spent with Anela that I recall with memories of Anela ,full of energy going bonkers all over the cottege.I knew she was destined to be your cat.Yes, Anela and I shared a few sips of BAILEY'S Irish cream ,she preferrs that,check out the bottle Blonde. I am thankful that I called you and you sent up prayers for the safe return of my boy Matthias. Perhaps the story of how Rogue males causing havoc for other kitty's just minding their own business and causing them to be on constant alert(not good for their immune systems) by the way,would be good.I am taking Matthias in today as he was covered in pine sap from his horrific night of defending his turf .I was told since he is an indoor cat, he was not immunized for rabies or feline leukemia.There is controversey about giving these vaccines as it can cause the cat to come down with the illness.Matthias was bitten on his head and his neck.A test will have to be done in a couple of months to rule out his contracting this from that out of control cat. I was told by other neighbors the cat whose names is Bubi, creates chaos with their cats as well. I love cats, however, I will trap the very bad cat if he is on my property and take him in.I am in warrior mode. what do the other cat slaves have to say about this I wonder?greatful for you prayers.rubs and purrs Basha

Jewelgirl said...

I enjoy my cats kitten photos,
they grow up so fast. I think
kitten hood is the reason I love
kitties, they're just so cute.

Dorothy said...

I adore my precious baby kittie pictures of Gretchen.
Anlea is so cute. I wouldn't have been able to resist her either.

I'm glad you ejoyed the story.

katztales said...

She's so sweet with those big ears and huge eyes. How soon they grow up!

Lydia said...

Hello. So happy to find your wonderful blog through Barcelona Photoblog. I am enchanted with your first page, and will return to discover more - especially the roots of "Cats on Tuesday" but am on my way out the door.
I love all of my baby kitty pictures, from way back when I was a child to now. In fact, I'll be publishing one in the near future when I complete my post about my precious dear-hearted Bleecker, who passed away in 2006 at age 16.